When Willem de Vlamingh, the Dutch explorer who discovered Rottnest Island in 1696, little did he know about the fame it would garner in the future. Today, Rottnest Island is indeed a hidden gem lying in the western part of Australia. Unlike most of the islands which are often considered to be a hub for leisure, Rottnest offers multiple things ranging from adventurous sports, cycling, wildlife, cultural events and whatnot. So, bank on us for a while and know why Rottnest should be your next major Bucket List. 

7000 years ago, Rottnest Island was divided from the main region and post which the level of the sea rose and the island was slowly away from the land mass. Most of the island is naturally formed of limestone rocks and most of the unique species which is inhabited by the island feed upon the plants grown there. Apart from the marine and the bird species, Rottnest Island is also home to the nocturnal mammal, Quokkas, which resembles a giant rat. 

Rottnest Island – Also the other name for adventure 

All you offbeat, adventurous and out-of-the-ordinary people seeking a different experience, Rottnest island is perhaps the best one which can savor your Bucket List. Be it playing golf, tennis, fishing, snorkeling or scuba diving near the island shipwrecks, the clean waters of  Rottnest island shall also make the water-phobic folks keep asking for more. Not just that, the only mode to commute to the nearby places is through cycling and all the cycling enthusiasts out there – this is for you. So, it is time to step out of your own four walls and start booking your tickets. 

An Island Which is a Mix of Adventure and Cultural Events 

As we stated before, Rottnest Island is not just home to adventure and leisure, but also offers some diversified range of cultural and sports events spanning across the year. Most of the events count for everyone. For instance, there is the Rottnest Channel Swimming Event and The Doctor event during Jan and Feb, which falls under the water sports. Then comes the Rottofest festival, which happens every year in September and people across the globe come to witness the mix of comedy, music, and film at one place. 

So, discover the better version of yourself by visiting Rottnest Island this year and yes, never forget to share your Bucket List Goals with Woovly. Let us make the mix work! 

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