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Travel and food go hand in hand. Every time we travel to a new place, along with exploring its natural wonders we are also excited about tasting the different cuisines. And when it’s with the person we love, it just gets better. Doesn’t it? There are many restaurants on a couple bucket list. Here’s a special one. 
Among the many wonders, we introduce you today to Grotta Palazzese in Italy. A naturally formed cave along the shore of the Adriatic Sea that has an inbuilt restaurant today.  

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So much to explore….

What are some of the natural wonders around the world that amuse you? Here are some ideas and you can tell us how many of these you have visited – waterfalls, caves, lakes, National Parks, and Deserts. 
Have you kept a track of how many bucket list ideas you have accomplished? If you’re lazy to pick up a pen and paper, no worries. You can do it right here on Woovly. Tell us how you did it, and why you want to do it. What is it that excites you about a particular place or an activity? 

Enchanting as ever…

While you do that, we’ll give you all you need to know about this cave restaurant in Italy. This magical place was used for parties and banquets in 1700. People have been falling in love with it for a long time, you see? Visiting Italy is on Bucket Lists of many around the world. So while you plan your trip or if you know someone who is currently in Italy, make sure this restaurant gets ticked off from their itinerary!  

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Cave Restaurant in Italy

A blend of romance and extravagance

This restaurant is magical and in an enchanted place. It’s situated on a terrace inside the natural cave with an outdoor lounge. 
Where is this mighty cave restaurant located you may ask? It’s located in Puglia. A land with extravagant churches and historic architecture. And the best way to get to this restaurant is by taking a flight to Bari, Italy and driving in. 
While Italy can be termed as one of the most romantic countries in the world, Grotta Palazzese can be termed as the most romantic restaurant in Italy. This gorgeous restaurant is open only during the summer. 

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Here this out…

Tips from Woovly – the terrace can accommodate only 150 people at a time, so make sure you have a reservation. Along with that, it’s open to service for a limited time. So make sure you are there on time. 

Things to do in Puglia 

Must See….

Top on the list has to be the town of Alberobello and the Trulli Zone. With unique conical houses take a walk along this beautiful town. Next is Ostuni, the White City. With whitewashed buildings and clear blue sky, this town is atop a hill. 
How many of you like greek architecture? We advise you to visit the Salento Peninsula. Olive groves, vineyards, excellent beaches and beautiful buildings. 
For all the shopaholics head to Lecce. Handmade handicrafts are definitely going to steal your hearts. Isn’t this place beautiful after all? 

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Best Restaurants in Puglia

Awaken your inner foodie!

Italy provides you with the best kind of food. Like we had mentioned earlier, travel and food are longtime lovers. Where have you eaten the best food so far? We at Woovly are always hungry and are looking for new restaurants every weekend. How about sharing some of your good/bad experiences? There’s no better teacher than experience. Correct? 

Don’t miss these…

So, here are some of the best restaurants in Puglia. After Grotta Palazesse of course. The region is home to a host of varieties that are hard to find elsewhere, including Troccoli, cavatelli, Stacchiodde, Curti, Gruessi and more.
Considered to be one of the poorest towns in Italy, eggs were also once considered a luxury. These are the must-try restaurants – 1. Al Trabucco da Mimi2. Porta di Basso3. Porta Nova4. Vecchia Vieste, and 5. Corteinfiore.

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All things Italian…

Pizza, pasta, wine, and cheese. You have to eat it to believe how good it really is!
We understand that Grotta Palazese in Italy might be a little far away from your cozy bed. But how about adding it to your bucket list and deciding who you want to visit it with?  All you have to do is log on to Woovly. Tag your friends, read interesting stories and be inspired. 

We are on a spree of helping you all achieve your ideas. And once you have done so, it’s time to write to us! 

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