Why wait for the future when the power is in now! I have been working on my bucket list and making modifications every time I accomplished one of my dreams. Here are my latest Top 10 Bucket List ideas!

1.Get accepted into Harvard University

This is some dream I have had for quite some time now and have worked tirelessly to achieve the same. This will always be on the top of present bucket list. Hope I can strike it off soon!

2. Go to Naples

This city has worked its charm on me ever since I read about it! Would love to visit it any time soon.

3.Act in a Hollywood movie

I have always been a fan and I believe I can at least get some short role ha-ha! Would love to make it a reality.

4. Visit Florence

Ever since I played Assassins Creed 2, I have been fascinated with this city. I would love to visit it.

5.Travel the world with my Partner

This is my ultimate relationship goal, and we have achieved this step by step. Soon it should be off the list, I hope.

6. Try To Get a Four Pack

Well, I don’t need six-packs. Four are enough.

7. Become World famous

This is my childhood dream which I have divided into small goals. Hope to get here in the future.

8.Taste Everything

Eat all the things there are to eat, Everything

9. Sky Dive

Who wouldn’t love free falling? Hoping to do it soon.

10. Leave a legacy

This is something which is my ultimate goal!

Happy Bucket Listing 🙂 

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