Mallakhamb is an amalgamation of malla meaning wrestler and khamb meaning pole to literally mean a wrestling pole. As is clear from the name, the sport is predominantly popular in India, and it involves a gymnast to take different yoga stances along with various wrestling grips with the help of a pole. The term originally was used for the pole used by wrestlers during training but gradually, the nature of the sport saw metamorphosis and came to be known the way it is today.

Photo 1 of ‘Things You Don’t Know About Mallakhamb’ a story, shared by Woovly.
Photo 3 of ‘Things You Don’t Know About Mallakhamb’ a story, shared by Woovly.

Going Back to the Origin

For all you history buffs and curious peeps, let’s take a quick overview of how the sports came to be. Mallakhamb was first recorded in the Manasollasa in the 12th century. For the following seven centuries, it was sporadically spotted among the records. The sport was revived again from its slumber by Balambhatdada Deodhar. This man was famous for being the fitness coach of Peshwa Bajirao II. He not only revived the sport but also made several changes to its format which today has given birth to different types of Mallakhamb. 

Different Types of Mallakhamb :

Pole Mallakhamb 

In this, a pole made of teak wood or sheeshum is fixed to the ground where the gymnast performs a number of aerial poses. 

Hanging Mallakhamb 

As the name suggests, in this type, a pole is hung with the help of wires and cables. The gymnast uses this pole to take different yoga stances and aerial poses. 

Rope Mallakhamb 

The gymnastic feats and poses are done here with the use of a rope suspended from a support at the top. One of the most striking features of this type of Mallakhamb is that the gymnasts make sure the rope is nowhere knotted while performing different stances.

Photo 2 of ‘Things You Don’t Know About Mallakhamb’ a story, shared by Woovly.

Health Benefits 

Only a trained professional can do all the intense yoga poses and aerial feats that this sport demands. Hence, a grueling work out session is in order. Mallakhamb can help make your body light and agile. Along with targeting your arms, thighs, and stomach, it strengthens your backbone since it takes the most pressure. The backbone is straightened out. 

Mallakhamb is one of the most elegant and graceful forms of gymnastics and is a spectacle to watch. A lot of people undertake this sport to hone their bodies. With the benefits it promises, this is a must learn the sport. 

So, what are you waiting for? Add Mallakhamb to your bucket list today itself. And get fit and healthy by practicing it daily!

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