Fun Things To Do In Konark!

February is a wonderful month to begin your travel. It is the time when cruel winter welcomes the refreshing and lively spring season. Many cultural programs and festivals are celebrated across India during February. With Valentine’s Day in it, it makes a perfect month for couples to travel and spend some time together.

February one of the most romantic month in the whole year for couples. All the major honeymoon spots in the world are so expensive that you end up with a debt size of a hole in your pocket. But what is there is a way by which you can have the most amazing trip with your spouse and still be under the budget?

You will also get a chance to impress your spouse with your taste for a little romance along with the love for a little bit of history. So what are you still looking at, keep scrolling?

Konark Sun Temple and much more…

Konark, a small beautiful town built upon ancient history in the Puri area of Odisha in India. Its rich culture and heritage make it more desirable. What could be a better way to celebrate the love and union of two people than with Konark? Konark is a much sought after tourist place.

Konark site is one of the best place having monuments with ancient architectural beauty. Konark beach is one of the clean and beautiful beaches in Odisha. One can reach Konark either from Bhubaneswar or from Puri. From Bhubaneswar airport, Konark is just 64 kilometer and deluxe buses are available at the frequent interval during whole daytime. 
This place will perfectly complement your celebratory mood. Konark is not your typical historical place. The name Konark is derived from the Sanskrit word Kona (which means angle) and the word Arka (meaning sun), which was dedicated to the sun god! The sun temple in Konark is the main attraction. If you are someone who appreciates history and the ancient article then this is the place for you. 

For the ones who do not appreciate both history and architecture, there is no harm in exploring and learning. Originally nearer the coast (the sea has receded 3km), Konark was visible from far out at sea and known as the ‘Black Pagoda’ by sailors, in contrast to Puri’s whitewashed Jagannath. 
The inland lighthouse near Chandrabhaga Beach is an odd testament to that fact. Konark being a much sought after a place is one of the best places for its much-acclaimed beauty. A combination of devotion and fun makes Konark about what it is! So go ahead have a look at the awesome things about Konark!

Sun Temple!

The Sun Temple of Konark is like the perfect backdrop for the famous Konark Dance Festival! It is celebrated every year in the month of December. If you are someone who loves to watch classical dance then this is your place, much famous grace the place with his or her presence. 
Apart from the classical dance forms, Chau-Orissa’s very own folk dance is performed during the festival. If you want to witness the dance forms of the tribals then March-April is the best time to go. You will get to experience the regional harvest festival that is celebrated with colorful tribal dances, including Chau. 

The Sun Temple, which was built during centuries ago, has a look of a humungous chariot of the Sun God where we can also see 7 horses that have ornaments all over it, pulling the chariot. Some of the wheels are 3 meters wide. Only six of the seven-horse still stand today. 

The temple fell into disuse after an envoy of Jahangir desecrated the temple in the early 17th century. In the days of its grandeur, the main idol of Sun God used to remain suspended in the air with the help of the huge magnet at the peak and another magnet fixed at the basement. There was a diamond in the center of the idol, which reflected the sunrays that passed. In 1627, the then Raja of Khurda took the Sun idol from Konark to the Jagannath temple in Puri. 

The Sun temple belongs to the school of Indian temple architecture. The alignment of the Sun Temple is along the East-West direction. The inner sanctum or vimana used to be surmounted by a tower or shikhara but it was razed in the 19th century. 

The audience hall or jagamohana still stands and comprises a majority of the ruins. The roof of the dance hall or natmandir has fallen off. It stands at the eastern end of the ruins on a raised platform. 

Timing: 6am – 8pm 

Chandrabhaga Beach

One could also visit the Chandrabhaga Beach in Konark, it has a lot of great history behind it and also you can witness the beautiful sunrise and sunset sitting beside your partner! 
If you are a photography buff then Chandrabhaga Beach is a must. Chandrabhaga Beach is situated in the coastal village of Chandrabhaga in Puri District of Orissa.It is situated on the Bay of Bengal, at a distance of 3 km from the World Heritage Site of the Sun Temple of Konark. Chandrabhaga Beach derived its name from the sacred River Chandrabhaga, which once flowed through the precincts of the Sun Temple of Konark, towards the Bay of Bengal.  

It is believed that a dip in River Chandrabhaga can cure leprosy. Chandrabhaga Mela is yet another cultural activity held at Chandrabhaga Beach, which is a seven day fair to honor Lord Surya. 
It witnessed the rise and fall of the Sun Temple of Konark. Chandrabhaga Beach, apart from pilgrimage and cultural activities, offers activities like sun-bathing, surfing, swimming, etc. it is also famous for its sunrise views. The beach can be visited round the year. 

Timing: 12:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Konark has a lot to offer for tourists and because it is close to the water bodies, the weather is absolutely perfect! 
Konark undoubtedly is the most amazing and underrated honeymoon spot in India. 
So why not just add this to your bucket list and kick it off soon? Or do you need more reasons than the biggest one being to save up on your hard earned money!

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