Why Fiji?

When stress has hit its Zenith and you lay at your work place thinking about vacations, one cannot stop imagining a lovely day at the beach bathing in the warm sea breeze with your loved ones. If you are among those who believe in ‘Love by the moon, Live by the Water’, then perhaps, Fiji is a great choice you have made to add up in your travel bucket list! The country which lies in Oceania is a cascade of mesmerising beaches and islands. Nadi is the closest international airport. The cities of Viti Levu and Suva are home to a majority of Fiji’s population. The idea of a stress free environment can be perfectly framed in Fiji! Thanks to the wonderful coastline that the country has been blessed with. The population here is merely 9 lakhs, which makes it a top choice for those who want to avoid the daily hustle of cities. The major attraction here remains the coral reefs because of their aesthetic appeal. You can look at Fiji as another pacific getaway but the reason why it stands out is the unhurried life and the warm hospitality of the localities. While wandering through the country, you can expect smiling faces waving at you as they shout – “Bula”, meaning ‘Hello!’ 
Let’s take a look at the top 11 must do things when in Fiji… 

1. Take a Dive in the Divine 

Let go and just dive in! 
Arguably Fiji is one of the world’s most wanted diving destinations. Take a closer look at the life underwater- the fishes wandering their way through the ocean floor, the corals exhibiting their splendid shades, the water weed which lies there in perfect serenity. Experience a world full of colours, life and peace! Few of the most diving friendly waters include the Kadavu Island, Beqa lagoon, Taveuni waters and so on. It is home to more than 400 types of coral. No wonder Fiji has earned the title of ‘Soft coral capital of the world’. Snorkeling packages are usually taken care of by the resorts you are living in. They are included in your accommodation. But a basic one time tank dive can cost you 200 FJD (Fijian Dollar).

2. Zipline through the forest canopy.

Told you so! Fiji is not only about Islands. The flora here is as commendable as it’s under water fauna. Here’s to the Tarzan inside you! Go whoosh through the gigantic trees, fly over the rivers and watch out as you make your way through the lush greenery.Few of the best canopy tour operators are those of Zip Fiji (35 minutes away from Nadi) and Sleeping giant (20 minutes from Nadi). One can also take a dip under the Tauveni waterfalls close by. The detailed packages can be found and booked online on the official websites of the above mentioned tour operators.

3. Nadi Temple

Fiji’s best kept secret could be that the people here are rooted in their culture. It is of utmost importance to them. One can witness this fact by visiting the Sri Siva Subramaniya temple, Nadi. The traditional southern architecture here is worth the praise. Soak in the spiritual air as your mind gets at ease

4. Let’s party all the night

Fiji’s best kept secret could be that the people here are rooted in their culture. It is of utmost importance to them. One can witness this fact by visiting the Sri Siva Subramaniya temple, Nadi. The traditional southern architecture here is worth the praise. Soak in the spiritual air as your mind gets at ease
4. Let’s party all the night

Moving on from the Grandma’s spiritual talks, let’s get out the millennial in you! Beach Comber Island is one of the perfect party destinations. Drop by with your friends and play that volleyball match you always thought of. Get on the floor and show off your moves! It’s a perfect spot to chill with your pals, you are sure to make some new ones too!

5. Float over the waters

Inspired by those bloggers in swim suits with pictures of floating trays filled with scrumptious food and drinks? Time to turn it into reality! If you can dream of it, Fiji has it! 
Read a book, eat, simply bask in the sun or better still live over the water with these over water huts! Some of the best hotels that support this idea are Likuliku Resort (Malolo Island, 25kms from Nadi International Airport), Double tree resort and Hilton Fiji Beach Resort, Denarau Island. Accommodation in these resorts (2 nights for 2 adults) ranges from INR 30,000 to INR 1, 60,000

6. Go Fishing

Another on-board activity. Word has it that the waters here are a paradise for fishermen. Try your hand at it. Who knows, if you are skilled and get lucky enough, you’ll have luscious sea food for dinner! There are many live boards which offer you this option. One can also try it out with local fishermen to avoid paying a fancy price.

7. Sail through the waters 

Get set to embark on a voyage! 
Sail through as you appreciate the still, exquisite nature of water. The Mamanuca , Yasawa, Lau and Kadavu Islands are considered the best to sail. Choose from the various cruise packages available. The prices depend upon the luxury and accommodation that a cruise offers you. But a standard 3 night cruise tour for 2 adults would cost you approximately $2,000 (64,000 INR) provided you book it a few months in advance. 

8. A day in the life of local people 

Don’t claim you explored a country if you didn’t spend a day with the localities. It isn’t as impractical as it sounds because people here are welcoming and warm! They are also great dance and music enthusiastic hence you may see them gathering around bonfires in the evening for their traditional Fijian dance

9. Suva hibiscus festival 

Dropping here in the month on August? Do attend the hibiscus festival held in Albert Park, Suva (Capital). Fiji is home to a variety of topical flowers and plants. This flower exhibition is sure to leave you feeling pleasant. It doesn’t stop here; the fest also includes music shows, beauty pageants displaying their talents to be crowned as the ‘Hibiscus Queen’. The festival has become popular since the past few years and draws crowd from all over the country.

10. Take a walk along the beach

It is one of those evergreen things to do! The palm trees here outnumber the people. Embrace the shades of sunset as the days perfectly blend into evenings. We might as well appreciate the unpolluted air and plan a star gazing night! Such settings are perfect to visit with your better halves

11. Shop your way back.

We of course can’t return home empty handed. Shop through the streets of Viti Levu, Suva where majority of population is concentrated. Among the various shopping marts are Suva municipal market, numerous handcrafted shops and the local fish shops.


With so many Islands to choose from you surely are going be at a constant war with your group. Hence, here are some easily accessible restaurants from famous Islands. 1. Nadina Fijian restaurant, Denarau Island. 2. Habibi Fiji, Nadi 3 Ocean Terrace, Coral coast. 4. Tiko’s seafood, 
Suva Kokoda is a spicy dish made from fresh fish, Kava is another traditional drink. Majority of their diet includes coconut as the base ingredient.  

When is the best time to visit Fiji?

The Rainy season that is the months of June and July might aren’t considered safe. The still water might turn into arrogant cyclones. Tourism is favourable during the springs and winters. 

Good To Know

–  The currency here is Fijian dollar. One dollar is approximately 32 Indian Rupees.  

–  Fiji is one of the friendliest countries with a humble crowd, which also implies that their culture is extremely important to them. Offending it is one of the last things you want to do here! –
–  Dress conservatively if visiting a local village. Nude sunbathing is considered illegal. 

–  Since majority of your travel will include visiting beaches,carry your bathing suits, sun screens and water proof camera. 
– Majority of the museums here close by 4pm (E.g. Fiji museum, Suva). Entry fee- 10 FJD.              Cameras are allowed. However, not all museums may support it.  
–  Keep in mind that this isn’t a country that never sleeps. The shops close early and it may not   be safe to venture alone at nights. 
–  Internal transport between cities through buses is cheaper. One can also opt for share taxis. 

Fiji is undoubtedly one of those dream destinations. You can sure to return home with a box full of memories. So, what’s holding you back? The Islands are calling and you must go! Gather your troop and plan a trip right away. Your travel bucket list awaits another tick!  For more such crazy and unique stories sign up on www.woovly.com! Happy Bucket Listing!

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