Serenity at it’s best

Landscape photography and nature lovers, this place in Scotland is made for you. It’s beautiful scenery is going to leave you impressed. Explore its unique sights, miles of gorgeous coastline and captivating history. Scotland is for all kinds of travelers. The adventure seekers and leisure travelers.   

The Isle of Skye is beautiful consisting of clear crystal blue pools on the River Brittle. They attract visitors from all over the world and this is one of the most amazing bucket list ideas you can have!   

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Fairy Pools in Scotland 

One of a kind….

They are located at the foot of Black Cuillins near Glenbrittle. The water in the pools is bone biting cold and swimming in Isle of Skye’s Fairy Pools is definitely for the cold hearted. Just kidding guys. It’s for all those of you who are immune to chlorine filled pools. It’s paradise. You can see grown moss on each rock and turquoise blue waters rushing past it. Walk your way up the river, click some amazing photographs and take a dip in the natural pools .

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Getting at the Fairy Pools 

Be wise while you enter the pool

Walk, walk, walk for 20 minutes and you’ll see the first and largest waterfall. This marks the start of the pools. Work your way up the river, and explore all pools. You could indulge in some high jumping as well.

Mother Nature has created some really amazing spots for us. But we humans, have made them all dirty. While you’re at these Fairy Pools, remember to take back everything you got up. The pools just want you to dip in them, not your belongings! 

So much to do…..

We’re all aware of the bloody and controversial history of Scotland. Besides that, today it stands tall and strong. Here are some of the places to visit and the best things to do. See the Northern Lights. The Sky beautifully dances in different colors and that too on the beat! Hop on a board and explore the brilliant sights along Scotland’s newest railway. Visit Ben Nevis: UK’s tallest Peak. Come on an empty stomach to Scotland. Indulge in desserts, Seafood and Malt Whiskey Trail!  

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This should definitely be on your list!

Whether you’re staying in Scotland for a week or you’re passing by it, a visit to the Fairy Pools is a must. Let the cold water do its magic. Relax, enjoy and get freshened up for your meeting back at your hometown. Come back to Woovly before that and don’t forget to share your experiences with us! 

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