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As young students, Igloo houses were always a piece of wonder for many. The Igloos (also known as Snow Houses or Snow Huts) are associated with Eskimos and are constructed by using thick snow. The shelter, that is made in snow (which is already cold), keeping the inhabitant warm, was a million-dollar question for many kids. 

At the same time, the dome shape of the Igloo attracted some other. Either way, staying in an Igloo would be a cool bucket list to accomplish. At the same time, what a cool bucket list idea would it be to stay in the Igloo hotels of Norway and witness the magical Northern Lights show for hours? 

Northern Lights (aka Aurora), the bright natural lights display in the sky, that happens as the result of the collision between gaseous particles in the Earth’s atmosphere, is usually seen in the high-latitude regions. It appears in many colors and you could see this amazing phenomenon from Norway and Iceland at its best. 

Get Exploring….

There are many Igloo hotels in Norway which are built in such a way as to lean back and enjoy the Northern Lights. While some cabins are built completely in the Igloo shape, some cabins have a normal room and a front portion, which is constructed just like that an Igloo. The dome-shaped portions are completely made of glass which helps you to enjoy the spectacular light show sitting inside it. 

The best time for checking into the Igloo hotels for enjoying the Northern Lights is from late August to late April. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Kirkenes Snow Hotel etc. are some of the best Igloo hotels in Norway. While you indulge in the cozy warmth of a log cabin and get immersed yourself into the world of glass Igloo, Aurora, midnight sun etc., there are many more things outside waiting for you. 

Igloo of Fun…..

Husky, reindeer, snow, amazing food, and most importantly, love! And if you are lucky enough, the light show may last for the whole night. So, add Igloo hotels in Norway to your bucket list. Sit comfortably in the cozy Igloo cabin, sip the delicious red wine, and enjoy the most beautiful light show conducted by Mother Nature with your loved one. For more information about it, sign up and stay with Woovly. 

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