Best Wildlife Photography in the world!

Photography is the only way to capture real beauty and moments and when it comes to wildlife photography, it captures the real beauty of nature making it more subtle. If you love being surrounded by natural beauty and passionate about capturing wildlife then here 20 must-visit places in the world for you.

1. Galapagos Island 
Location: Ecuador, pacific ocean
Best time for click: December to mid-June

Galapagos Island is a must visit place in the bucket list of every wildlife photographer. It is a perfect combination of serenity and scenic beauty. A huge diversity can be seen there along with nature’s beauty. The highlight of the island is the variation of giant tortoise found there. apart from tortoise blue-footed boobies, light-footed crabs, frigate birds, marine iguanas are found in this region which can give a perfect click you always wanted to take. A 4-5 days trip can be sufficient to discover the wildlife on this volcanic Island. 

2. Jim Corbett National Park 
Location: Uttarakhand, India 
Best time for click: November to June 

It is the oldest national park in India and still has its rich wildlife heritage preserved. Various wild animals are seen in this region which includes tigers, leopards, wild elephants. This park is famous for Bengal tigers found here. It also has hundreds of bird species to enhance the tourist attractions. The place is well accessible by bus and trains from Ramnagar. The closest domestic airport to the place is Pantnagar and the closest international airport in Delhi. 

3. Baja Peninsula 
Location: Mexico 
Best time for click: January to march 

Baja peninsula in Mexico is a desert area with mountain plains and coastal dune. The Baja peninsula is rich in its diversity of wildlife which comprises San Quintic Kangaroo rats, Baja California rock squirrel, various species of spider, scorpion, and bees. Grey whales are the most incredible creatures found here. Baja is the real paradise for nature and wildlife lovers.

4. Ujung Kulon National Park 
Location: Banten, Indonesia
Best time to click: April to November 

This incredible part of nature along with inland volcanoes has a variety of wildlife which includes peacocks, monkeys, timer deer, and wild boar and many more wild animals. Javan rhinoceros is a rare sight of this park. Apart from wildlife photography, this place better suited for jungle trekking. So, if a person is fond of both, wildlife photography and adventures, then this place is surely for you. 

5. Panantal, Brazil 
Location: Brazil 
Best time to click: May to September 

It is a world’s largest wetland area with the mesmerizing natural beauty. It is a precious resource of Brazil and a home to a variety of plants and animals. Lowland tapir. Hyacinth macaws, Giant anteater, Pantanal jaguar, Capybaras, Marsh deer, Yacare caiman, Black howler monkeys are the various animals found there. Greater Rhea – Very similar to an ostrich, is a highlight of the place. Panantal had a huge diversity of wildlife on land and when you head up to the sky you will find a variety of colorful birds flying over your head which includes Orange-winged Parrot, Black-hooded Parakeet, Red-crested Cardinal, Toco Toucan and many more. A nature lover wildlife photographer must have Panantal in the bucket list. 

6. Rainforest of Atsinanana 

Location: Madagascar 
Best time to visit: April to mid December. 

The Rainforests of the Atsinanana is a World Heritage Site that consists of 13 specific areas in six national parks in the eastern part of Madagascar. It is blending a combination of Jungle, dry forests, deserts, and stunning and diverse landscape. Madagascar has an unusual mix of wildlife consisting of lemurs, tenrecs, boa constrictors, iguanas, and other creatures. Orchid lovers can have a field day looking at the 860 species. Nile crocodile is a rare species found in freshwater habitats in Madagascar.

7. Grand Canyon National Park 
Location: Arizona 
Best time for click: March to May and September to November 

This can be a perfect place for the wildlife enthusiast searching for the right place with rich beauty to click. Gand Canyon National Park is situated in Arizona and has become one of the most popular tourists’ destinations in the world. More than 6 million people grand canyon national park every year. Near about 447 known bird species are found here along with 91 species of mammals and 48 species of reptiles including snakes, lizards, and others. Desert bighorn sheep is one of the rarest mammals found here. 

8. Kruger National park 
Location: South Africa 
Best click time: April to September 

It is situated in the northeastern part of South Africa and has a wide density of wild animals including lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and buffalos. Variety of birds Luke vultures, eagles, storks and hundreds of mammals make their home here. If you are lucky enough, Roan Antelope can also appear to your sight as it is a very rare species but its click will definitely be an amazing one to add to your collection. 

9. La Paz waterfall gardens 
Location: Alajuela, Costa Rica 
Best click time: This place is suitable all-round the year for taking that perfect click. 

La Paz in Spanish means peace. As the name says la Paz waterfall garden is the peaceful, natural scenic beauty in the center of Costa Rica. The waterfall is formed due to the river La Paz and is located immediately alongside the road from Alajuela that leads to the northern plains of Costa Rica. Five waterfalls, cloud forest, safe hiking trails, an aviary with numerous species of birds, butterfly observatory, capuchin (white-faced) monkeys, black-handed spider monkeys, hummingbirds are the highlights of this place. Apart from this jaguars, toucans, snakes, cats frogs of different species are found there.

10. Bandhavgarh National Park India 
Location: Madhya Pradesh, India 
Best time to click: October to June. 

Bandhavgarh national park is situated in the central state of India, Madhya Pradesh. It is tropical forests having sal trees and grasslands which is a home for a variety of birds species and eagles. It is well known for its large population of toucans tigers. white tigers, leopards, and deer are the other animals found there. Its visiting time is 6 AM to 5:30 PM. 

11. Masai Mara National Reserve 
Location: Kenya 
Best time for click: July to October. 

Masai Mara National Reserve is one of the greatest wildlife reserves located at the southwest side of Kenya. If you are a photography enthusiast, then this place is for you. Here you can find wildlife like Masai lions, African leopards, and Tanzanian cheetahs and Thomson’s gazelle which can be your perfect shot. Many photographers visit this reserve every year in search of the perfect shot. If this place is not in your bucket list yet, then you must add it. 

12. Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve 
Location: Alaska 
Best time for click: September. 

If you are the one who seeks adventure along with the photography passion then this place is definitely for you. Glacier National park is the best for wildlife photography with the rugged mountains, dynamic glaciers, temperate rainfalls. This region has a lot to offer along with its vivid wildlife. you can have some of the best clicks of whale, orcas, threatened stellar sea lions, harbor seals, sea otters that are found here.

13. The Amazon Basin 
Location: Brazil 
Best time for click: June to November 

No doubt Amazon is already in the wishlist of many wildlife photographers to discover its vivid wildlife. This place is also called as Amazon jungle. Here you can also find some rarest species which can give you a perfect shot along with Jaguar, sloth, and river dolphin. Apart from these, there are various bird species which birds which include macaw and various reptiles including anaconda and Jesus lizard. Whatever you seek, Amazon has it for you. So, don’t miss any chance to visit Amazon. 

14. Yellowstone National Park 
Location: USA 
Best time for click: April to May and September to November. 

If you have been searching for a national park for your interest then surely this is the one. Yellowstone National Park is known for its colorful hot springs, mud pots, and geysers. This national park is one of the most visited parks. The Yellowstone Park bison herd is the oldest and largest public bison herd in the United States. Along with wildlife pictures, you can have some perfect shot of blending nature and its colors. 

15. Rocky Mountain National Park 
Location: Colorado, USA 
Best time for click: July to September 

What about a place having a spectacular view of mountains along with wildlife? Sounds interesting!! Then this place is for you. this place has a rich diversity of wildlife including Elk, Bighorn Sheep, Moose, Mountain Lion and Bobcat, Bear, Coyote and Fox, Pica and Marmot, Squirrels, Birds, Deer, you name it and this place will offer you the best shot for it along with the beauty of lakes, mountains and trees.

16. Lone Pine Sanctuary 
Location: Brisbane, Australia 
Best time for click: April to September 

As a wildlife photographer/photography lover, Lone pine sanctuary is a must visit. Lona Pine is the world’s largest and oldest Koala sanctuary. It has over 130 Koalas. Along with koalas it has kangaroos, Tasmanian fallen angels, wombats, echidnas, and different types of reptiles. There are additionally numerous beautiful Australian parrots and cockatoos, and, also other Australian birds like kookaburras, emus, and cassowaries. 

17. Cairngorms National Park 
Location: Scotland Best time for click: April to October 

If you’re looking for an adventure, fun for the whole family, or a break from the everyday life along with wildlife photography then Cairngorms National Park has a lot to offer. The park covers the Cairngorms range of mountains and surrounding hills. You can find lots of birds, red squirrel, Scottish wildcat and some rare species of plants This place can serve as a package for all the people having different interests. 

18. Yala National Park, Sri Lanka 
Location: Scotland 
Best time for click: April to October 

Yala National Park is a huge area of forest, grassland, and lagoons bordering the Indian Ocean, in southeast Sri Lanka. It has wildlife creatures like leopards, Sri Lankan elephants, and crocodiles, as well as hundreds of bird species. Photographers visiting this place for photography can get a chance to visit the pilgrimage site Sithulpahuwa and Magul Vihara within the park.

19. Marino Las Baulas National Park 
Location: Costa Rica Best time for click: October to February 

If you have a desire to take a shot of, turtle then this is a must visit place for you. Marino Las Baulas National Park is a homeland for giant leather black turtles. You can visit this place for amazing shots during the months of October to February when the turtles lay eggs. 

20. Olympic National Park 
Locationsanctuary Washington Best time for click: April to October 

Olympic National Park is on Washington’s Olympic Peninsula in the Pacific Northwest. It is a unique combination of all Rainforest, Mountains, and the Pacific shores. Orca, Black bear, Bobcat, Canadian lynx, Cougar, Coyote, Elk are the various mammals found in this national park. Once you visit this park you can have the best shots for different wild creatures at once. And if you are lucky enough you can get perfect clicks of the golden eagles and spotted owls soaring overhead which appears on rare sight. 
So, have you added some places to your must-visit wishlist? For a passionate wildlife photographer, these are the best wildlife photography vacations. So stop thinking and start planning to have a wonderful picture gallery.

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