Lip Care 101: How To Plump Your Lips?

Lip Care 101: How To Plump Your Lips?

Every industry today is constantly evolving. Similarly, the beauty industry has also experienced the same. Today, for all those beauty enthusiasts, there is no dearth of beauty products that are going to serve the purposes for which we buy certain products.


One of those magical products that have surfaced in the cosmetics industry is a plumping lip serum. Here, we shed some limelight on the DoYou Beauty Plumping Lip Serum which comes in four flavors – Mint Cinnamon, Coffee and Orange.


Like every makeup hoarder, I have to try out a new brand when I spot it. Woovly has been my one-stop shopping destination for all things beauty! While re-stocking on some other basic everyday makeup products, I came across this brand DoYou with its amazing discount offers on Woovly. The combo offers included a  DoYou nourishing moisturizer with lip plumper at great discounts only on Woovly!

A little bit of research told me DoYou cosmetics have been creating quite a stir in the beauty industry lately. Since I have been thinking of trying out lip plumper off late, I bought the cinnamon flavor from Woovly, and I was taken aback by how lip plumper can actually make your lips look fuller!

Read on as I share my take on the DoYou lip plumping serum review!


Free of parabens, sulfates, silicones, this lip plumper is not at all harsh on the skin. Now let me share the key ingredients that make this plumping lip serum such a well-concocted one.

  • Sunflower Oil: Contains a fat-soluble nutrient called Vitamin E, which provides hydration for dry lips. Vitamin E acts like a protective barrier that helps prevent chapping of lips. Ingredients like Pollen fractions, Soybean, Olive & Wheat Germ Oil also promote hydration.
  • Capsicum & Cinnamon Oil: Like every other part of your skin, your lips require blood circulation too. While Capsicum oil helps in blood flow, Cinnamon oil protects from infections (as well).
  • Pomegranate Flowers & Jojoba Oil Complex: Does the main job of the plumper by increasing the volume of the lips.
DoYou lip serum ingredients


DoYou Beauty Plumping Lip Serum comes with some special features, let us have a look :

DoYou lip serum benefits
  • Pump It: If you want to join the Instagram bandwagon of full lips, this lip plumper is just the deal as it has the right  ingredients to promote blood circulation which leads to a warm feeling and finally result in a fuller pout.
  • Glides in: Nobody likes those sticky lip glosses that end up messy most of the time. But this lip plumper glides in like a dream on your lips and is extremely lightweight and non-sticky. You can totally wear it every day to give a nice glossy shine over your lipstick.
  • Made for your lips: As mentioned above, the sunflower oil with Vitamin E and cinnamon oil – assures hydrated and unchapped lips, leaving them feeling soft and luscious, at all times.


Just a quick guide on how to use this DoYou Beauty Plumping Lip Serum and get the fuller lips look you desire:

  • The first thing is to apply a light layer followed by another layer of lip gloss. Which means, you have to glide in the roller twice to ensure full coverage.
  • Let the serum oil set in as you get dressed and apply your favorite lipstick just before heading out.
  • You can reapply the lip plumper any time of the day and get fuller and glossier lips, instantly.

Pro Tip: The remnants that you see at the bottom of this bottle are nothing but the natural ingredients!

Fuller lips with DoYou lip serum

This review is based on my first-time experience with this lip plumper, and the results were amazing!

I urge you to shop from Woovly to get amazing discounts and make your first buy totally worth it!


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