How To Pick Out The Right Lipstick For You

How To Pick Out The Right Lipstick For You

Imagine you go shopping for lipsticks and end up getting more befuddled, thanks to a plethora of shades that turn the spree into a daunting experience. Despite being a pro at makeup, even I have failed to dig into the correct lipstick for myself. The reason? Lack of knowledge on skin undertones. 


Finding lipsticks need not be so dreadful when you have a skin tone chart ready with you. Besides that, just with a few key points, you can easily buy the lipstick of your dreams. Once you have evaluated your skin’s undertone, you won’t have trouble deciphering the shade. 


You can either be from the warm or cool category, and to learn more about the right shade for your skin tone, let’s dive right in.


It’s easy to identify a cool undertone. Check your veins, and if it appears blue, you belong to the cool family. Powerful lipsticks can sometimes look overpowering. For blue undertones, go for lipsticks that look natural on the skin. A soft, pink lipstick or mauve shade will add a natural look to your skin. 


Auric Beauty recommendations

Try out Auric’s Creme Lipstick, Matilda. If you wish to add a sharp, bold lip colour, I suggest a sweet plum shade on your lips. 

Sometimes lipsticks tend to dry out your lips, but Auric infuses unique ingredients into their lipsticks, including almond and jojoba oil, to keep the lips hydrated. These two lipsticks flatter the cool undertone.


Now, speaking of warm tone, the colour of the skin is yellow, golden or olive. If the veins on your wrist look green, you are on the warmer side. The best type of lipsticks in your case would be colours that pop your skin tone, for example, fiery red, brick red, terracotta brown shades etc. 


Auric Beauty recommendations

Woovly has perfect lipsticks for the warm undertone. I call these shades ‘holy grail’ for a reason. Auric’s totally baked or toasted almond look appealing on a wide range of warm undertones. These lipsticks give a luminous effect to the skin.

If your skin has a mix of pink and yellow base, then you are neutral-toned. Women who have neutral skin tone are blessed because there are a plethora of lipstick options available. Almost all lip shades blend well with this skin tone. But, in my experience, shades that veer towards a pink hue are ideal for the fair skin type, whereas mauve and berry tones are perfect for medium and dark skin tone, respectively. 


Auric Beauty recommendations

Some must-have lipsticks for neutral skin tone are, Auric’s Pink Lady, Cranberry Fizz and Bloody Mary. If you need complete matte texture, go for Scandalacious. These lipsticks are iconic for Zoom meetings and appetizing cocktails!

What’s The Difference Between Skin Tone & Skin Undertone? 


For a novice, it might be hard to understand what these two terms are. Skin tone is what you see on the surface, whereas the undertone is the subtle hue below the skin tone. The main types of skin tones are fair, light, medium, deep, whereas skin undertones are warm, cool and neutral.


Some easy ways to test it out are:

Jewellery Test

Another hack to know your undertone is by seeing what jewellery colour blends with your skin undertone. If it’s silver, you are a cool undertone, whereas if gold looks flattering, you are on the warmer side. If they are both equally great, you are in the neutral category.


Sun Test

If you get tanned easily, you are in the warm or neutral undertone; otherwise, it’s a cool undertone.

Sun test & jewellery test to know your skin tone
White paper test to know your skin tone

White Paper Test

Take white paper and keep it under your skin. If your skin looks yellowish, your undertone is warm, and if it appears pink, you are in the cool family.



Check the colours that blend with your skin. If blue family suits you, you mostly have a cool undertone. For warm undertone, mostly warm colours like yellow or orange go well. For a neutral tone, most colours suit this undertone.

These are some lip shades that should be in your alley, stat.

Auric lipsticks are impossible to ignore. The texture and the way it glides on the lips has made it every makeup artist’s favourite brand.


Woovly has them all under one roof, with great discounts. Trust me, your lips will bless you for these!


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