How To Look Like Jacqueline In Two Swipes

How To Look Like Jacqueline In Two Swipes

When you ask girls to name one makeup product they can’t live without, it is mostly always a good lipstick. And what better than to find some lip shade inspiration from our favorite Bollywood divas?


As someone who is always updated with the latest makeup brands and their collections, I was blown by how the Colorbar brand has come up with such extensive lipstick collections. Another factor why I love them? One of my most favorite Bollywood divas – Jaqueline Fernandez is the brand ambassador of Colorbar company


Rather than hunting for a colorbar store near me, I came across this online cosmetics shopping app called Woovly, mostly because I was looking for discounts. As I was about to try out Colorbar for the first time, I was happy with Woovly’s discount offers.

Read on as I share the 6 colorbar lipsticks I went for :

The reason why I typed out colorbar lipsticks on Woovly and selected the plum range first is because I have always noticed how even in the Colorbar advertisements, Jaqueline Fernandez was seen wearing various plum shades.

I was thrilled to see that the first shade that caught my eye – Envious – had a solid 15% off on Woovly!

Woovly’s informative product description informed me that this shade was extremely long-lusting with luxurious matte finishing. Additionally, the sea fennel wax makes the consistency extremely soft and lightweight.

Thankfully colorbar lipsticks had the shade Kinky  – a top recommendation! The best part of shopping from Woovly is that you get all the necessary information before buying in their product description and there are always exciting offers to avail.

With a festive occasion coming up, I decided to pick one of Jacqueline Fernandez’s top festive lipstick shades. I was thrilled to find this creamy, long-lasting deep red shade that would be a perfect fit with my outfit!

No wonder Jaqueline Fernandez has so much fun as she has one shade for every occasion be it everyday wear or a festive occasion.

As I love experimenting with different shades of pink – I was glad that Woovly had the shade Lustful from the Colorbar lipstick range. I am addicted to matte formulations and this one is ultra-soft and so long-lasting that it is perfect for everyday use!

A lot of my friends had recommended looking for the Sin shade in this range as it is a bit out of the box and a rare shade. As always, Woovly always has the trending collection on their website.

I was delighted to find this shade along with the other three I picked earlier. With perfect matte formulation, and  dermatologically tested and free of parabens, I could hardly stop myself from adding this one to the cart too!

Seeing a Bollywood diva-like Jaqueline Fernandez sport so many amazing lip shades might make us think that they are too expensive! But not really when you shop from Woovly.

I came across the Haute Latte shade from the Kiss Proof range of Colorbar company with a 15% off! Just like the sinful range, the kiss-proof range is also extremely lightweight and long-lasting for up to 12 hours with a velvety matte finish.

Hollywood from the kiss-proof Colorbar lipsticks range is a perfect nude shade!

As per Woovly’s helpful information, this lipstick also comes with a sponge applicator which helps in providing effortless coverage and the texture is smooth and lightweight. This Vitamin E enriched liquid-based lip-stain moisturizes your skin as well thus having more benefits than one!

Woovly never disappoints me with their incredible discount offers! Being a huge Jaqueline Fernandez fan, like every other Bollywood fanatic, I wanted to follow in the footsteps of my diva. I was glad that there were so many Colorbar Lipsticks available that fit my preferences!

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