Everybody wants to be an entrepreneur and it takes months, years to make things big. So here is an inspiring story of Paul Tasner’s Bucket List accomplishment.

It was in the month of December 2009 and the Santa Claus was about to arrive. On the other hand, Paul Tasner, a director of operations in a consumer products company is on the way for an urgent meeting. But the meeting turns out to be an exit interview where a number of employees including Paul get fired.

Paul had around 4 decades of rich experience which compiled of small and large companies and the big fat long employment was officially over. Even if he had looked back at his career graph, he had no Bucket Lists accomplished or something which he could have done for himself. Paul encashed his experience and became a consultant for a couple of years. However, it didn’t complete his purpose.

Paul’s Bucket List was to start a company where it could bring a change in the Global Marketplace.

But, even after 4 decades of experience, it was not an easy task for Paul to get into entrepreneurship; there were many issues like Manufacturing, Outsourcing, Patents, Job Creation, Partnerships, and Funding. However, for Paul, to look for funding in San Francisco was a major hitch as the crowd was filled with a bunch of young people from the high-tech industry. In fact, Paul’s shoes were older than many people.

But nothing stopped Paul from accomplishing his Bucket List of doing the most rewarding thing in his life – To build a startup.

So, he worked on an idea and it turned out to be PulpWorks, a company which designs and manufactures Biodegradable Packaging from the waste; which also includes paper, agriculture and textile waste. The main USP of Paul’s startup was to replace toxic disposable packaging products with their Biodegradable ones. The company was not just successful but it could also manage to shell down billions of pounds used in dumping plastic each year and also went on to win around 20 awards till date.

With 40 years of various careers, Paul Tasner at the age of 66, became an entrepreneur by making a small dent in the worldwide plastic pollution crisis.

Today, older entrepreneurs in the USA boasts a 70% success rate in starting new ventures and Paul Tasner, CEO and Co-founder of PulpWorks becomes a part of them.

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