Do you know, how a lady called Maire Godfrey from Dublin celebrated her 100th Birthday?

She saw her first 3D movie and also met the renowned Golfer, Pádraig Harrington. Yes! That was her Bucket List. AND, guess what? Even the tech giant, Facebook was impressed with her Bucket List Goals and invited her to their Dublin headquarters. 

So, how did you feel after reading this? Weren’t you inspired by her unique story? Well, most of the people would definitely nod their heads. But, have you asked yourself about your source of inspiration? Your Bucket List Goals?

Just go ahead! Think! Take some time! Think again! Repeat the process! 

Well, it is actually very simple! Most of us look forward to writing down our things to do, plan the process and accomplish them in days, months or even years. But, how about changing a plan a bit? YES! Start with penning down the things you’ve already done. It can be anything! The Small, The Big, The Tiny, The Mighty, The Good, The Bad or even The Ugly. Just go ahead and list the ones you’ve done. Do you know, how this helps? 

This would reversely turn to be an encouraging exercise and gradually makes you strong enough to work on your upcoming Bucket List. AND, this is not a new philosophy! Just like you show gratitude by counting on all the good things before you go to bed, you use the same formula for your Bucket List Goals too. AND, guess what? People who positively recollect their accomplishments in the present are always the ones who prefer to be curious to strike off more goals. So, what inspires people to take up a Bucket List and accomplish it? Stay with us and know how it is done. 

Wrote the Things I’ve Done! What Next?

Now that you have made a list of the goals you have accomplished, just carry it wherever you go. It can be at your workplace, to the morning jog, to a dinner or literally anywhere. Make sure, you go through it every day and this would create a sense of satisfaction within you. Gradually over the few days, you would be pumped up and looking forward to striking off your next Bucket List Goals. Yes! It works! AND, if you scrutinize further, you are actually inspiring yourself by referring to your own successful goals. 

OK! What Inspires People To Accomplish a Bucket List? 

The answer is emotions! Yes! You read that right! Emotions play a key role in accomplishing the things we’ve always wanted to do. Just pay more attention! Most of our emotions are contagious. Some are contagious in a good way and some turn to be bad. So, what are the major emotions? Fear, Anxiety, Happiness, Sorrow, Anger, and Disgust. So, if you see, all the emotions can have an effect. It can be positive and negative. 

For instance, Let us say, skydiving is something which scares you to the core and here, the emotion is FEAR. But, the moment you strike that off from your Bucket List, you are a changed soul. Everything around you looks positive. The FEAR you had in the past is something you would laugh at now! Similarly, it depends on how you relate these emotions to your ultimate Bucket List Goals and nail them one by one. 

Bucket List Goals – Basic, Intermediate, Extreme and the Silly!

Most of our Bucket List Goals are under major sections like Travel, Photography, Hobbies/Interests, Adventure, Sports/Extreme Sports, and Food. Well, apart from the emotions, we also have some other sub-categories which can get you inspired. YES! It is your Bucket List Goals, which can be segregated under the Basic, Intermediate, Extreme and the Silly Levels. So, firstly, let us discuss the Basic Bucket List Goals. Since a Bucket List is something which can’t be limited to a few things, why not start with the basic ones and accomplish them? 

Be it, taking a new route every day to work, learning a sport every month  clicking pictures from your smartphone, learning to jugglepracticing mild yoga or running, learning a recipe every week or also starting a blog. The good part is, these Basic Bucket List Goals can get you instantly inspired too. OK! Let us connect the dots now. For instance, you begin your day with yoga or running, click some landscapes post the morning exercise, take a new route to work every day, refresh yourselves by playing a new sport every weekend or by learning a new recipe and at the end, you write a small blog about your experiences. 

You know what? This process doesn’t end if practiced well. In fact, it goes on. Gradually, over the next few days, months, you shall be motivated to try more Bucket List Goals. Maybe the goals which might look harder than the previous ones. AND, this is what inspiration does to you and this is how you get inspired by your own Bucket List Ideas. Now, that you have ticked off a few basic ones on your List, you would be game for more! This makes you take part in the intermediate and extreme activities. Again, it is a grueling process. As everything on your dream list might take its own time. Well, what are these Intermediate and Extreme Bucket List Goals? 

If you have given your best to your basic goals, then it just gets better. The next two, are actually the pivotal ones as they play a big role in where you go. To make it more precise, they can be an extended version of your comfort zones. For example, traveling alone to the nearest city or your dream country, learn skating or learn a martial art form, capturing moments from wedding to capturing animals in the wild, to climb a mountain every month or to hike the Mt. Huashan of China. The list goes on. 

Then comes the ones which might look silly! But, yeah, it becomes an experience post ticking it. Let’s say, you ride a Bullock Cart for a mile. How did you find it when compared to your regular bike or car ride? Though the mode of transport looks old, you would gain a new experience. Or, let’s say, you quit smoking for a week, and visit a restaurant the next month and buy everyone a round of soft drinks. See! What looked silly in the beginning might benefit you in the end and that’s how you inspire yourself. 

What happens after I accomplish my Bucket List Goals?

First of all, let us make it clear! There shouldn’t be any end for your Bucket List Ideas. As they are the ones which make you live your life to the fullest. They are the ones which lead to cherishable memories. But, after segregating your Bucket Lists and accomplishing them, there is something you’ll begin to observe! Not only you would have accomplished the things you’ve always wanted to do, but you would have also evolved into a better person. 

Just give it a thought! As we discussed before, there would definitely be a change in your emotions too. Right from battling your fears, fighting your anxiety and fading away from your anger, you would mould into to an interesting person. AND, you know what? Even your way of communicating with people would change. You would start seeing the tough things on a lighter note. 

If you need to know, what happens if you follow the Bucket List theme, then it is YOU who is getting the benefit. It is YOU, who is getting inspired and most importantly, it is YOU, who is the pillar of your own accomplishments. 

Why wait for someone to preach you about the importance of a Bucket List when you can inspire yourself? In the end, you would be the one who stands different in the crowd! 

So, begin with jotting down the things you’ve wanted to do, divide them based on the respective levels and dart them one by one. As we said before, you are the pillar of your Bucket List Accomplishments. So, It is Now or Never! 

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