Rock Climbing is a sport which can be done indoors or even outdoors. This makes you mentally and physically fit, and boosts up your confidence and endurance. Balancing is crucial in rock climbing along with mental controls. Some of the health benefits of Rock Climbing are listed over here.  

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Helps in overcoming fears 

Rock Climbing is a challenging sport, which helps in overcoming your fears. Mainly, the common fears among people are the fear of heights and falling from heights, and this is a perfect sport to conquer your fears. 

Increases your strength 

With the increase of confidence and self-esteem, the climbers tend to challenge their routes and follow more complex routes. After knowing their body’s potential, the climbers like to continue challenging themselves and this increases their fitness levels.  

Helps in preventing chronic diseases 

It is approved by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention that, rock climbing aids to prevent chronic diseases and illnesses. It decreases the risks of diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes. It is also an effective way of burning your calories. 

Increases flexibility, decreases stress! 

Rock climbing includes the use of hands and feet to find handholds and footholds, to climb up the rock. This helps in increasing your body strength and flexibility. It demands your full concentration of mind and body, which helps in increasing your mental strength and decreasing your stress.

Activities such as leaping, rock climbing cater to reduce the stress level. 

So, if you are in for some adrenaline action, adventure sports such as Rock Climbing shall be the perfect start, to begin with. Because such activities generate good health with benefits. So, ready, steady and climb!

#WoovlyFunFacts: The world record in climbing speed was set by Czech climber Libor Hroza, ascending a 15-meter (49-foot) speed course in 5.73 seconds, during a competition in Arco, Italy.  

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