The Haiku adventure….

Haiku Stairs of Heaven in Hawaii, is fondly called the most dangerous and illegal hike in America. The stairs were originally built in 1942 by the U.S.

Navy and were then made open to public until 1987 before they were deemed unsafe. With just 3,922 stairs to climb, it gives you unending opportunities to escape death, and is the ultimate bucket list adventure.   

Best time to visit stairway to heaven

Do you dare to…..

The city of Honolulu spent almost a million dollars trying to repair them but in vain. A lot of the stairs are loose and are incredibly dangerous.

Nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped enthusiastic hikers and tourists from exploring them. The best time to visit is from April to September. The vertical incline will take you about 3-4 hours to climb, and about an hour to descend. 

How to get to Haiku stairs

Photo 1 of ‘Haiku Stairs - Must on adventure seekers bucket list’ a story, shared by Woovly.
Photo 4 of ‘Haiku Stairs - Must on adventure seekers bucket list’ a story, shared by Woovly.

Before you go….

Since the entire trek is illegal and can be termed as trespassing, it is rumoured that you can be fined for 600$. But the chances of getting caught are very low.  

A terrifying trek!

The easiest way to get to the start of the trek is by searching for the Kuneki place on Google Maps. You can either park your car in the street at the back of Haiku village, or take an Uber there. You’ll have to pass through a huge gate and come walking down the Government Road. You will see two roads dividing, take neither. But take the road less travelled – the muddy path. You will spot it in between the two roads leading you into a Bamboo forest. Hike approximately 20-30 yards up to the chain link fence where there will be a security guard waiting for you. Get past the guard by having a chat with him, and you can see the start of the stairs. He will scare you about calling the cops, but trust me, will never really do it. 

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All you need to know before you hike 

A memorable hike….

The illegal stairway to heaven in Hawaii is possibly the greatest attraction on the entire island. Reaching heights of above 200ft, it’s one of the best places to click breathtaking pictures. The best time to start the trek is at dawn and watch the sunrise from the top of the hike. If you wish to take your hiking adventure a notch higher, consider climbing it without a highlight. Just let the moon guide you up the narrow damp staircase.

Continue to make your way up, slowly and carefully because otherwise, you’re probably going to roll down the stairs, and right into a random village in Hawaii! 

Of scenic views…

Watching the sunrise from the top of the trail, is one of the most beautiful things you can do in your life. Watch the sky turn its colours from purple to brown, and the clouds split to give way to the sun’s first rays of the day. It is, mesmerising. 

Heaven awaits you…

While descending, halt at multiple locations to just allow your eyes to capture the scenic beauty and for your lungs to breathe in the fresh air. It is also amazing to see in what circumstances and up to what height you have climbed up the staircase.   

At the bottom, you will find the guard waiting for you. He can also threaten you by saying that he has called the cops, just lend him your smoke and see his frown turn into a chuckle.  

Things to carry to the Stairway to Heaven  

Hike essentials…

All you need to carry in your backpack, is a lot of bottled water, energy bars, binoculars, a rain jacket just in case the clouds decide to weep, and your shades. Beware that the climate can change drastically anytime during the hike. The secret to coming back alive, is being courageous, positive and mentally and physically charged up. 

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Head to the Stairway Heaven today!

If you like trespassing and breaking the law, the staircase to heaven, shouldn’t miss out from your bucket list. For those of you who are convinced that hell is the place for you after death, this is your chance at experiencing what heaven would feel like!

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