Busting Eight Common Shaving Myths, Right Here

Busting Eight Common Shaving Myths, Right Here

The best options when it comes to hair removal are epilators or waxing. For most women, even though shaving is one of the easiest methods, there is a misconception that it can lead to bumps and redness, amongst others. But recently, several brands have come up with great shaving options with razors that let you remove the hair comfortably at home without any pain. 


I used to have the same preconceived notion about running the razor on my skin. If you have been dreading it just like I once did, I am about to debunk eight shaving myths. Take a look. 

1. Shaving Causes Hair To Grow Thicker

Myth - Shaving causes hair to grow back thicker

While shaving, the hair growing from the roots looks more refined, and appears thicker. Whereas natural body hair lies flat on the skin, making it look thin.

When you shave, the hair stands up and gives an illusion of thick hair. 

Coarse hair depends on heredity, hormones, diet etc. These factors influence the potential hair roots. Shaving takes off hair from the surface and not from deep inside the skin.

2. Shaving Can Lead To Ingrown Hair

There’s a way to shave, and if you go against it, the chances of skin irritation are higher. The best way to shave is by going with the grain instead of against it. If your hair is curly and you consider a close shave, the chances of the hair getting into the skin are higher. Speaking of folliculitis, a condition in which hair follicles become inflamed, occurs when you shave with an old blade or under unhygienic conditions.

Myth - Shaving can lead to ingrown hair

3. Shaving Causes Nicks & Irritation

I can vouch for this and say this is totally a myth. I have been using this fantastic razor I bought on Woovly called The Woman’s Company Eco-friendly Bamboo Razor. This razor is not only eco-friendly, but since it’s designed to give the smoothest shave, it helps experience fewer nicks and cuts and leaves the skin feeling soft.

Speaking of the myth, steer clear of using dull, old blades as they can make the process rigid and lead to cuts.

In comparison, a new blade doesn’t cause post-shave irritation as they are sharp. When it’s time to replace the razor, do it to avoid the blood massacre on the skin.

4. Shaving Causes The Skin To Become Darker

There’s no logic to the skin colour changing. What actually leads to darkness in the underarms is the usage of deodorants or other antiperspirants. The chemicals in these are the main reasons for skin irritation and also, post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation.
Myth - Shaving causes the skin to turn darker

5. Shaving Leaves The Skin Dry

Myth - Shaving leaves the skin feeling dry

It’s actually not shaving but the amount of time you spend in the shower. Prolonged time in water can strip off moisture from the skin, leaving it dry and itchy.

Even though I had this notion for a long time, after using The Woman’s Company Bamboo Razor, my perspective has changed. To ensure that your skin stays hydrated post shave, make sure to apply some lotion or oil to nourish the skin and maintains its health.

6. Shaving Without Water Is Okay

Absolutely not!

It’s understandable that while you are rushing, you might want to skip a few steps of shaving. But doing so can cause razor burns and ingrown hair. Hence, soaking your skin in water for at least 3 to 5 minutes before shaving can help soften the follicles for a smooth glide of the razor.

Myth - Shaving without water is okay

7. Using Shaving Cream Is Not Necessary

Myth - Using shaving cream is not necessary

Shaving gels can prevent the skin from irritation, but using just soap can lead to dryness.

Hence it is advised that you don’t skip using shaving creams. Many brands make creams for sensitive skin for women. Try it out.

8. Razors Are For Use And Throw

It entirely depends on the brand, but we are lucky since there are brands that are making sustainable products in today’s time. The Woman’s Company Eco-friendly Bamboo Razor is an unconventional razor. It not only lasts longer, but you can replace it with the ten blades that come with it. 

I am glad I was able to find this bamboo razor on Woovly. The best part is it’s not very expensive, and I bought it for Rs 720. That’s not a bad deal. 


I hope the list above helped burst some shaving myths that you had in your mind all along. Let us know your experience in the comments below!


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