6 Hacks To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

6 Hacks To Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

We all know how empowering lipsticks are. Just one glide can raise the spirits. But it’s always a hassle for it to make it through an entire day without touch-ups. Whether you are giving an office presentation or you are on a date, you don’t want the lipstick to have half disappeared from the lips.


Most of us have been in this situation. If you are tired of doing touch-ups and wish to sip your cup of coffee without thinking about lipstick leaving a horrendous outline, let’s look at these five amazing hacks that will make it last longer. 

1. Exfoliate Your Lips



One of the main reasons why lipsticks don’t last long is due to dry, chapped lips. Exfoliation ensures that flakiness is eliminated. We tend to bite it or try to peel it off with our teeth. But this habit can be a bad idea for the beloved lipstick. Make sure you include exfoliation in your routine. 

Create a DIY solution at home. With your fingers, take equal parts of petroleum jelly and sugar in a small bowl. Mix it well together. The outcome might look messy. Now, with the help of a toothbrush, scrub the mixture onto your lips in a circular motion. Clean it with water and then towel dry it. Finally, use any lip balm to moisturize your lips.

2. Add Some Concealer

IIt’s important to have a good canvas for the lipstick to last longer. Start by applying your lip balm. Don’t be surprised seeing concealer here. Concealers are mainly designed to hide blemishes and dark spots, and also sets a good base for the color to stay intact. 


Outline your lips with the help of a concealer. It works as a primer and won’t let the edges smudge. Concealer controls bleeding of the lipstick and allows it to stay longer. 



3. Match A Lip Liner With The Lipstick 



If you thought just applying lipstick should work for it to last longer, you are highly mistaken. You must get acquainted with using a lip liner. It’s the secret to getting pout-worthy lips. Use a lip liner to outline your lip. Then, color your whole lip with it. This makes a perfect base for your lipstick. You can also use a nude lip liner if you don’t like the colored option.

4. Layer the Lipstick


It’s time you take the hippie out for a spin. The next step is layering your favorite lip color. Matte lipsticks stay longer than lipsticks with a creamy texture. Since most of these lipsticks come with an applicator, create an x on the upper lip and then start filling your lips. This helps the lipstick blend well, and once you have applied it, don’t brush your lips together. 



5. Use Translucent Powder


Translucent Powder

You finish off the makeup with some powder. Now, do the same with your lipstick as well. This one hack of using translucent powder work wonders for it to last longer. Remove the excess lipstick with a thin sheet of tissue paper first. This will take the excess oil from the lips. Then, glide the second coat of lipstick. Now with a translucent setting powder, lightly dab it all over your lips. This will set the lipstick well. 


Another bonus tip here is to use eyeshadow, matching the shade of your lipstick instead of the powder. This will also mattify the lipstick, make it last longer and add extra color to your lips. 


6. Keep the Lips In Good Shape

IThe process doesn’t stop here. Taking care of your lips is very important for your lipstick to last longer. Only because you are heading to bed and want rosy lips doesn’t mean you keep it on. Make sure you remove the lipstick with makeup remover. You can also go for lip oil to remove stubborn matte lipstick marks. The remover helps dissolve the pigment. 




Now, you can have the perfect pout with your long-lasting lipstick. Smudgy lips are now a thing of the past. 

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