While oily skin adds to the dewy texture, it sometimes can be a curse for makeup. Having oily skin, delays aging, but it can melt your makeup and turn your sleek appearance into a messy one. This is one of the main reasons why you need to master these 5 quick makeup hacks. The results guarantee that your face doesn’t become a melting pot of foundation, concealer, compact, etc. 

Here are 5 perfect makeup hacks that will help you combat oily skin and stop you from running for touch-ups now and then.

1. Start with A Good Primer


Coloressence Premium Primer Gel

Primer is the holy grail of makeup. Using the right product can help keep your makeup oil-proof at all hours. In addition, it has the charm of soaking extra oil on the surface, making the face look non-greasy. It is advised to opt for silicone-based or water-based primers. The reason? The thicker consistency controls the large pores and scars from showing. 

Coloressence Premium Primer Gel lets you ace your base makeup. Don’t go by its size because this small bottle is enriched with Vitamin E. It masks the oily skin like a dream. To use it, apply it after cleansing, and you’ll see the wonders it does! 

2. Go for Lightweight Solutions 

Heavy foundations will turn your face cakey, but lightweight foundation blends like a dream on the skin. So do tinted moisturizers and cream blushes. Speaking of the heavy liquids, they don’t sit well, and as time passes, the skin turns oily. Here’s a simple makeup hack to deal with oily skin. 

Use Coloressence Liquid Foundation,  it comes in various shades. It’s a sweat-free foundation that keeps the makeup intact. Pump a small amount on your fingertips and work it with dots on your face with a brush or blender.


Coloressence Liquid Foundation

3.Setting Your Look


Coloressence High Definition Face Powder

The age-old trick of using a setting powder applies to oily skin as well. If you don’t want your face to turn oily but look dewy instead, think of using the powder on the T-zone. While that should be your focus, don’t forget to spread some magic in the other areas too. 

You can try using Coloressence High-Definition Face Powder. It creates soft focus and conceals problem areas well. Since powders are excellent at controlling oily skin and lending a matte effect, this one adds to the natural look. Keep this travel-sized number in your tote for touch-ups, if need be!

4. Go Waterproof

Even though it’s a simple thing in the makeup universe, a water-proof mascara goes a long way, especially for those with oily skin. Chances are that sometimes we forget this aspect, which can lead to smudgy eyelashes. But having oily skin doesn’t need to be such a task.

Auric Everyday Mascara is your way to uplift your beautiful eyes, and this number does more than just letting your eyes speak. It’s smudge-proof and water-resistant. In addition, this little bottle gives a high-color payoff. Just coat your lashes in the upward direction for a dramatic yet flirty look.

Auric Everyday Mascara

5. Don't Skip Moisturizing 


DoYou Oil-Free Moisrurizer

 Only because your skin texture is oily, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to use a moisturizer. The skin produces more oil and feels dehydrated if there’s a lack of proper moisture. Use water or a gel-based moisturizer. 

I am obsessed with DoYou Oil-Free Moisturizer. This lightweight product protects you from daily hazards and does not block your pores. Just take an almond-sized amount and use it on your skin. 

Also, blotting papers are your BFFs when you have oily skin texture. These oil-absorbing papers mattify the skin and when you gently press it on your skin, you will see how it clears the shine, easily.

For all those who have oily skin and are always looking for tricks to get rid of it, these tips will come in handy next time. So, get your hands on the best makeup hacks now!

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