If you are up on an adventurous trip in mountains and want to make it more thrilling, then you should definitely go for Heli-skiing. The skiers are taken up in helicopters to the mountain-tops. Here are some top destinations for Heli-skiing. One can enjoy the heli-skiing adventures in any of the regions listed below, for a memorable experience.


Surrounded by Valdez and situated in the heart of the Western Chugach Mountains. It receives an average of 700 inches of snow. Chugach Range comprises moist snow and consists of steep slopes.

2. British Columbia- REVELSTOKE 

Consisting of beautiful and enchanting natural environment, Revelstoke, along with other winter sports, is also famous for heli-skiing. It receives an average of 40-60 feet of powder every year.

3. Japan – HOKKAIDO 

Mostly in Hokkaido northern island, the annual snow received is up to 60 feet, Hokkaido is a great place to experience an adventurous and thrilling heli-skiing.

4. Switzerland- ZERMATT 

The heli-skiing is slightly different in Switzerland. The Air Zermatt takes the skiers above the roofs of old towns for an overview of Matterhorn before skiing from the second highest mountain of Europe, the Monte Rosa.

5. New Zealand- SOUTHERN APLHS 

The Southern lakes of Heli-ski comes out during the months of July to September, and operates from Queenstown and Wanaka. It gives access to eleven different mountain ranges which are spread across 3,200 square miles. It also includes the Clark Galcier.

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