Snorkelling is a pure bliss. Get to know the monster inside you, put on your snorkel and flippers and explore the endless waters. Snorkelling comes with several benefits including physical, mental and recreational benefits and we have listed them here for you.   

1. Aerobic Fitness 

Breathing is a crucial part of aerobic activity. Snorkelling involves efforts for breathing as you breathe through a tube. Thus, it helps in improving the aerobic activity of a person by strengthening the lungs and increasing oxygen intake. 

2. Physical fitness 

Snorkelling is a full body exercise that helps in improving physical fitness. As virtually all of the muscle groups are active during this, it helps in improving strength and endurance. Moreover, the physical benefits which you derive from this activity build a positive self-image.

3. Mental wellness 

If you are depressed or just feeling low, snorkelling can prove to be a relaxing workout. The vibrant marine life, color popping corals and undersea gardens make it a heavenly sight altogether. All this naturally helps in soothing stress removing anxiety. 

4. Getting over hydrophobia 

Snorkelling is a great way to get over hydrophobia as you don’t have to dive into deep waters. Just as you feel uncomfortable and go frenzy, take your head out of water, breathe normally and then restart once you feel comfortable again. 

5. Explore nature 

Snorkelling is a wonderful excuse to invest your time in nature’s lap. Not only does the spectacular marine life make you go tipsy but also let you explore and rediscover the natural treasures of sea.

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