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To write a romance novel : A bucket list lived by Divya Vinekar

To write a romance novel : A bucket list lived by Divya Vinekar

Divya started writing in the year 2008, when she was still in college. When she started posting some of her compositions on Facebook, she was recognized. People around her encouraged her to start blogging and then publish it. She had an epiphany. Her job had gobbled up most of her time to justify her flair for writing. So, she submitted her papers and chose to focus on her blog and her bucket list – a romance novel. She started her blog, ‘Mockery of love,’ where she pens down beautiful verses on love and life. Her novel is a paper-bound ‘reminiscent’ of the same.

Mockery of Love Blog Divya Vinekar Mockery of Love Woovly

“We aspire to become many things when we grow up. I wanted to be a Teacher but that aspiration somehow evaporated as I grew up. I believe that Life is very effervescent. The world can change in a snap. The undying strength that God gave me, that concrete faith my family and friends had in me, the will to make something good happen, hope and plenty prayers was all I needed ”!

Writing a romance novel is not an easy task. The dedication to keep oneself focused requires sheer will that this young bucket lister has demonstrated. Family and peer support are some things that keeps one going for such a feat. It has been the same for Divya.

“My family has a lion’s share with regards to the support I received through this journey. They were extremely happy and proud and asked me to go ahead with my plan. I also spoke to some other authors for further guidance.”

Divya describes her experience as absolutely overwhelming. She had to take each step very carefully. She was pretty excited with the overall experience, everything was new, – the jargon, the terminologies, the procedures. Divya accepts that the ‘pre’ stages were pretty intense because all of it relied on decisions. Decisions that had to be weighed and had no room for imperfections. However, she was greeted with positivism at the ‘post’ stage. Compliments and a positive response from the readers made it all an amazing experience for her. Her novel on romance, which proved a relatable read for all garnered a lot of love and support.

She wants to travel as much as she can and make the most out of her life. She has fond memories of a trip to the Rann of Kutch. Next, she wants to travel to Leh-ladakh.

For budding bucketlister novelists out there, if you are reading this, this is her advice for you.

“Just do it. Don’t let anything stop you. It’s your life and something that you’ll never forget for the rest of your life. Work hard, put your heart and soul into it, give it your 200% and the results will certainly surprise you. The satisfaction and contentment is unexplainable.”

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