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To Become A Wildlife Photographer – Bucket List Lived by Balaji Loganathan

To Become A Wildlife Photographer – Bucket List Lived by Balaji Loganathan

Seven years ago, Balaji was on an official trip to Mysore. He was visiting a wildlife sanctuary and was clicking photos with his mobile phone camera. Few of his friends & colleagues who saw his photos suggested him to get a DSLR, as his photos looked magical in the mobile camera. That was a revelation for him and realized that photography was his destiny, and decided to become a wildlife photographer.

Thus, he decided to follow his love for nature and photography. His wife presented him a Canon 1000d and he started working with it. He had no trainer, and the only inspiration for him was the nature and wildlife. He wanted to show the beauty of wildlife and, share the happiness he acquired from Nature with the people through his photos.

Balaji started traveling to parks and wildlife sanctuaries in order to capture the beauty of nature. He wandered around with his camera taking pictures, but all the time he felt something was missing in the images. But, nothing discouraged him, and he followed his heart.

The First Award as a Wildlife Photographer

And once he happened to visit Ranthambore National park, where the magical moment happened his startling picture of a pair of Large-billed Crows (Corvus macrorhynchos) sending a parakeet (Psittacula krameri) plummeting to the forest floor. Titled ‘Large Billed Bullies’, this unique image which bagged many awards in the national level.

Balaji’s images started getting featured in magazines, national newspapers, and interviews in Radio channels and it helped him to get connected with the people. People started identifying him and were contacting him for public talks & photo workshops.

The main intention of Balaji was to connect people with nature and narrow down the gap between them. He wanted to inspire and educate normal people about the conservation of nature and wildlife. He believes that his goal of creating awareness among people about nature through his photographs are getting good results now.

As a person who loves wildlife, Balaji usually stays outdoor with his camera. He doesn’t spend much time on social media platforms. The next bucket list item of this award-winning wildlife photographer is a creative experiment photography with Reflective UV light.

“Do not fall victim for social media; there is always space more than that. You must set some creative and unique goals for your photography career. Preserve that goal, connect with nature and, fight for it.”



  1. AnanthaKrishnan says:

    Super clicks by him following since long …..

    1. Yes Anantha, Amazing photographer and bucketlister Balaji Loganathan is

  2. He surely is an inspiration. Most spend their lives without realising that they are made for greater things. The ones who do realise, well, they end up living and not merely surviving. Just like Bala.

  3. Manikandan N says:

    Balaji, A man with a mission. His focus towards wildlife conservation is immense. A truely admirable personality whose thoughts and deeds on protecting Mother Nature is commendable. Long Live the Great Man. Good Luck

  4. Vardharaj says:

    Long to go. You deserve it. Good luck.

  5. Amazing photos, amazing amazing, love your article it is real helpful and nice written

  6. Femina T Shah says:

    Loved the love for nature and wildlife …
    Beautiful pics indeed …
    Mr Bala … u deserve all the feathers in ur cap and many more … wish u the best !!!

  7. Beni Jebanesan says:

    Great to see such Inspiring Stories from Woovly & Congrats Mr. Balaji

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