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Travelling in my father’s shoes – A bucket list by Syed Burhan Nayeem

Travelling in my father’s shoes – A bucket list by Syed Burhan Nayeem

Burhan is a bucket lister with a lot of items to explore on his list but he has one, close to his heart. He wants to explore different terrains on his motorcycle and enrich his life with photographic memories. Burhan’s passion for travelling is a tribute to his father. He chooses to travel like his father, yet in his own unique and different way.

Syed Burhan Nayeem Travelling father shoes leh inspiration bucketlister woovly

“I’m not sure what inspired me to take that first step. The inspiration may have come from stories from my dad who was a traveller too. Maybe it was the adventures promised between my family guidebook. Maybe I was just born with the need to travel. I chose my option to explore after my dad passed away and carried his passion to explore in a different style which also gives me that happiest feeling.”

Planning is the key to success for such a trip. His first step was to finalize a mode of transportation which would facilitate his exploration on different terrains. Burhan found his interest in motorcycles and chose to purchase on for the trip which happened but with great difficulties. For motorcyclists out there, the most popular terrain to ride is Leh and Kashmir. But our bucket lister Burhan had different plans.

Syed Burhan Nayeem Travelling father shoes leh planning trip choose motorcycle bucketlist bucketlister woovly

“No country or even a city lives in the same way. Countries have different cultures, and people have their own and unique beliefs. Exploring through such diversities made me open more to the different ways of life.”

Burhan started travelling throughout the lovely terrains of the southern part of the country. He was in Kerala when, one fine day he decided to go for Leh with six of his friends. He did go for the trip but none of his friends turned up for it.

Syed Burhan Nayeem Travelling father scenary mountains shoes leh bucketlist bucketlister woovly

Burhan has acquired a lot of skills from his travelling experiences. “But to put them in a few words, I must say I have learnt transferable skills and people person skills.”

Everyone has their moments of impact. And the very nature of impact is the variety in which it affects a person. Some even don’t get impacted. However, for Burhan, he learnt to ‘carpe diem,’ to seize and live in the moment. The journey taught him about life and it’s simplicities.

Syed Burhan Nayeem Travelling father shoes leh motorcycle bucketlist bucketlister woovly

Aspiring bucket listers out there if you’re reading this, Burhan has an advice for you, “It is a great thing to do what you like and what you are passionate about.I have found people similar interests often backing out either due to the life style they have adopted or the comfort zone they live in. I suggest, if you want to live those dreams or follow your passion you need to compromise with the life style and comfort. Once you start accomplishing your passion/dream or a Bucket list, I’m sure you will never compromise with your dream/passion.”

For his next bucket list Burhan has already confirmed on his twenty-days of exploration of the beautiful, north-eastern part of India for twenty days on his motorcycle. And that is not the end for this bucket lister. He wants to camp with the Indian Army at the Indo-Chinese Border. Burhan also plans to explore the Spiti Valley in the month of May. He wants to travel to the Andamans on a boat or a ship.

Syed Burhan Nayeem Travelling father shoes leh dream follow passion bucketlist bucketlister woovly

“I dream, I follow those dreams and convert them into a passion.”


  1. Awesome 🤘…. I plan to be by your side in all those awsome tours🏍… Our planner… Go go go boy….. 👦

    1. Thanks Pooja, please add your bucket list also Add your Bucket List

  2. Awaiz Shariff says:

    Wow……it was a great….inspired with your story……Hope to join u…..soon….Insha allah….

    1. Thanks, please add your bucket list also Add your Bucket list

  3. Shifa Khan says:

    Awe-inspiring.., This will inspire many and it will help people fight with depression and failure.
    Keep your hurdles on. Good Luck.

    1. Very true, bucket list always helps one to add happiness in life. Please add your bucket list here Add your Bucket list

  4. I’m happy burhan u have a focus in life n I’m sure ul move mountains. Sounds from ur words, u have completely reinvented urself and the world is going to c a brand new…You!!!

    1. Everybody who achieves his/her bucket list do see them as a new person, please start one for you by adding your bucket list Add your Bucket list

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