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Travel Guide to the Curious Town of Hampi

Travel Guide to the Curious Town of Hampi

All the backpackers can relate to this. Among all the destinations we go either for holiday or looking for adventure, there are some that offer once in a lifetime experience while some make you come back for more. Hampi is one such place which will leave you more curious than you were before visiting it. So, while you are in a hurry to pack your bags and rush to the place, check out this travel guide we have in store for you.

Hampi is an ancient but bustling town of Vijayanagara, the capital of the historic Vijayanagara empire located in northern part of Karnataka. It has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Even when in ruins, the place is majestic and intimidating. For the explorers, the place is a puzzling paradise. It hosts a number of temples, remains of former palaces, a market city etc. Keep your eyes open and your mind alert and let this trip be an eye-opening experience.

Things to do before you set out

hazara rama temple at hampi

Before you go plunging yourself into the exciting and reveling experience of Hampi, the first thing to do is make accommodation provisions. There are a number of hotels and guest houses that provide bookings at minimal rates. You can always go through their sites and select bookings that suit your budget. If you are looking to add that extra pinch of thrill to your trip, then camping is the best suited option for you. Spend the night under the endless sky and glittering stars.

With the ubiquity of google maps, it has become easier like never before to traverse distances. Be sure to have a quick look at it before you leave for the trip. There is a small list of things you need to include in your backpack especially if you’re camping.

  • Swiss knife
  • Torch
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Mosquito repellent
  • First Aid Kit

Places to see and things to do

lotus mahal hampi

Hampi is famous for being a mythical and geological site as it comprises of a number of temples. The place is every explorer’s dream since at every step there is a monument withholding a story of its own. Explore the geology of the place with giant boulders. The boulders are known to be the oldest rock surfaces in the world and when viewed from top can seem to form various shapes. The boulders are huge and can provide for climbing activities.

A visit to the Hampi Bazaar is a must. Tourists can be seen buying souvenirs and other things. There are various sunset points to spend your holiday gazing at the magnificent sun setting in its trail. A mysterious red river flows through there that will capture your senses. No wonder Hampi is one of the best holiday destinations in the country and sees a continuous inflow of tourists all-round the year.

With a solid catalogue, Hampi, without a doubt ranks up on top on my places to visit list.

What about you? Without thinking twice, add Hampi to your bucket lists as the place promises a mind-boggling experience.

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