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Top 5 reasons to go abseiling

Top 5 reasons to go abseiling

Abseiling is fast gaining popularity among the adrenaline junkies and why not, it is a perfect practice to feed their adventurous souls. Here are the top 5 reasons every such adventure soul should go abseiling

The Adrenaline Rush

Unless you are a seasoned, hardcore adventurer the abseil is guaranteed to get your pulse racing and putting your brain to a halt, beating all the other adventure sports in terms of exhilaration.


No Special skills required

No experience or special skills are required to go abseiling. You hardly have to use mind boggling tricks..Even if you go numb, trust me you won’t be kept hanging there.

Endless Possibilities

Abseiling can have a venue as accustomed as canyon or mountain or as typical as the skyscraper or colossal waterfalls, each experience is sure to have something unique to offer.

Breaking the boundaries

Abseiling is a sport that offers you ultimate thrill breaking the human physical and mental boundaries as you explore new arenas and discover greater possibilities.

Highly Affordable

You need not give a thought about your pocket either as it’s cheap and won’t exceed your budget. It costs around £40 per person for a ½ day session. Don’t forget to bring a mate as it is a lot more fun to compete while abseiling.

Breathtaking views

The panoramic views, dangling from the sheer cliff are a sight to behold, which leaves you hanging free to survey the landscape and make your peers envy.

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