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Top 10 Bucket list

Top 10 Bucket list

Why wait for the future when the power is in now! I have been working on my bucket list and making modifications every time I accomplished one of my dreams. Here are my latest Top 10 Bucket List ideas!

  1. Get accepted into Harvard University: This is some dream I have had for quite some time now and have worked tirelessly to achieve the same. This will always be on the top of present bucket list. Hope I can strike it off soon!Harvard University
  2. Go to Naples: This city has worked its charm on me ever since I read about it! Would love to visit it any time soon.things to do in Naples
  3. Act in a Hollywood movie: I have always been a fan and I believe I can at least get some short role ha-ha! Would love to make it a reality.Hollywood bucket list
  4. Visit Florence: Ever since I played Assassins Creed 2, I have been fascinated with this city. I would love to visit it.Florence city
  5. Travel the world with my partner: This is my ultimate relationship goal, and we have achieved this step by step. Soon it should be off the list, I places to hike
  6. Try to get a four pack: Well, I don’t need six packs. Four are enough.Fitness goals, Weight loss
  7. Become world famous: This is my childhood dream which I have divided into small goals. Hope to get here in the future.
  8. Eat all things there are to eat: EVERYTHING!Food bucket list
  9. Sky Dive: Who wouldn’t love free falling. Hoping to do it soon.Sky diving in India
  10. Leave a legacy: This is something which is my ultimate goal!

Happy Bucket Listing 🙂

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