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I think my Soul Mate might be Carbs! – Every Gym Story

I think my Soul Mate might be Carbs! – Every Gym Story

I’ll tell you a gym story!

Once upon a time, there was a boy. The boy was very thin. He used to admire people with a well-built body. He always wanted to be a strong, muscular person.

So, with a strong intention of building up a well-built body, he joined a gym. Initially, it was very difficult for him to take 5 consecutive push-ups. His friends and trainer ensured that it is quite natural. They promised that everything will come in his way if he work-hard.

He went to the gym daily. But day by day, his energy was falling down. And finally, one day he quit the gym. He is still thin. He still admires people with a well-built body!
(Oh, I forgot to mention – this story is not a happy ending one! 😛 )

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If you really want to do something in your life, there is one important thing you should do. Come out of your comfort zone!

Push yourself harder in order to attain your dreams and passion, your bucket list.

Lose your fear and jump from a cliff. Go on a long road trip. Fight like a champion at the gym. Take your camera, and follow your heart. Try highlining. Start a home studio, if that is what you love. Climb a mountain. Participate in a marathon. Or, travel from one state to another, just to have a particular dish!

Because it is your life and your love. No one will fulfil your love for you!

Stop fearing and start doing what you love to do! Follow your heart and passion and an accomplished bucket list awaits you!

If you have an idea on your mind, a bucket list that you have been waiting to accomplish, share it with us on our ‘Add Bucket List’ section!

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