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Things to consider before going for Monsoon Photography

Things to consider before going for Monsoon Photography

Things to consider before going for Monsoon Photography

Rather than the travel, here we are talking about the preparations to be made before going for monsoon photography. The most suitable place for monsoon photography is rainforests. Why don’t we go to the famous rain forests in India like Chirapunchi or Agumba? July-August is the best time to go to these places. Wherever you go, a well-prepared plan is essential for such a trip.

Cameras with weather sealing should be used.
If you are using a basic model camera, use camera rain coats. Various types of camera rain coats are available in the market now.

Camera Lens
For the landscape photography, wide lenses are the best option. Sigma rain coats are the perfect among them.

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Micro Fiber Cloths
Use 25-30 micro fiber clothes if you are going for two weeks’ trip. Because it cannot be used for more than two times. Also, use a water proof bag to keep all these things.

Travel Tripod
Use light weight travel tripod. MeFOTO company is selling light weight tripod.

During rain photography, you might not be able to charge batteries. So, keep 3 or 4 batteries with you.

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Always use easily dryable and comfortable clothes while going for shooting in rain.

Other requirements
Apart from these items, keep one rechargeable LED head light, LED long beam torch, rain coats, one big umbrella, slippers and a tent.

While Shooting
The best time to capture a rainbow is Monsoon season. Getting an uncluttered background helps to emphasize the colors of the rainbow.

Capturing reflections becomes easier after a downpour.

After-rain shoot
Everything looks fresh once the rain stops. So, capture landscapes and explore the nature to unlock a variety of eye-catching visuals.

This is the perfect time for Monsoon Photography. Go ahead with all these preparations. Enjoy the rain, and happy photography!

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