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To Startup A Sanskrit Learning Centre – A Bucket List Lived By Divya Doraiswamy

To Startup A Sanskrit Learning Centre – A Bucket List Lived By Divya Doraiswamy

August 2014 was just another hectic month for Divya Doraiswamy, a branch head at a software company. It took her another month to understand the corporate world wasn’t her calling. After gaining deep knowledge in Sanskrit and Shlokas, Divya thought of starting a Gurukulam, a school for Shlokas. Her bucketlist was to become a Shlokapreneur, the one who preaches vedas.

Well, the route map didn’t come easy, she took the first step by training few kids in her apartment and this was her first big thing to happen. After a couple of weeks, she started working on her bucket list of venturing a Gurukulam – A shloka school at her home in October 2014. Many parents in her neighbourhood wanted their kids to learn the vedas and this turned out to be an advantage to Divya as she started classes in the age group of four to sixteen.

Startup School for Sanskrit

Since Sanskrit has not been given importance in many schools, Divya had to face tough time training young kids as they were not exposed to the language. But, when she found out the kids had great grasping skills, she started to train those kids at their residence individually and this gradually lead her to conduct classes at schools, dance schools, summer camps.


After expanding her school to the schools and studios, Divya came up with a new way to teach kids below 5 and it was called as the ‘Mother-Baby-Duo-Class. In this classes, Divya had to rehearse her lessons before the class could begin. So, by doing this, she gained a command over her skill and this helped the kids to learn the vedas faster.

But, it was a challenge to Divya as there were more of Karate Schools and Dance Schools. She felt having a school for Shlokas or Vedas would seed traditional values and culture in the kids. After advertising at schools, fitness centres, boutiques and social media, Divya now has around 60 kids at her school. Her bucket list of running a school is no longer a dream.

“It takes a big heart to APPRECIATE someone and a SMALL MIND to laugh at someone. You can choose to either have a big heart or a small mind” – Divya Doraiswamy 

After setting up her school, Divya still has more plans to work on a upcoming bucket lists to set up a school for the blind. Her classes has fetched her a great response from abroad as people are eager to join her classes through Skype. Well, Divya has turned out to be a desi teacher for the videshi people. A bucket list lived well! Isn’t it?


  1. Wow! a very different field in teaching the current generation… Keep it going Divya!!

  2. Thanks Jyotsna…Those are such lovely words:)

  3. Kumudini Tiwari says:

    Hi Divya,
    I am planning to start something similar, a hobby class for children to learn Vedas and Shlokas. I know it’s a concept less preferred by parents these days. Your idea seems very powerful and plus it has given me some hopes. How can I contact or join you.

    1. Hi Kumudini,
      We will help you in connecting with Divya. Give us some time.

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