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Startup to Bring Local Food Under One Roof – Bucket List of Rahul

Startup to Bring Local Food Under One Roof – Bucket List of Rahul

Rahul’s Bucket List was always to taste his way around the world. He finds the history behind food quite fascinating and believes that each dish tells a story about the region’s natural resources, history, and culture.

While he was working with a corporate in the marketing team, he traveled to a lot of places in India and used to make it a point to try the local food out there. It wasn’t always possible, but whenever he got the opportunity, Rahul bugged the local team to introduce him to their cuisine. Sometimes they insisted themselves!

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That’s basically how he started discovering the sheer variety of food available in the country, and that really fascinated him. He wanted to know more and taste more, but with regional food, we are barely scratching the surface. Rahul wanted to dive deeper and really understand regional cuisine and what inspires their dishes.

How it Started

He started with his native cuisine. Although he had been having it since he was a child, there was a lot more he didn’t know, than what he actually knew. Rahul made sure to understand the basics of the cuisine, how geography affects it, how history shaped it and how culture influenced it. It was amazing how much he got to learn about his own origins! Next, he started reading and meeting other people to understand their cuisines. That is how Wandering Foodie started.

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Wandering Foodie started as a culinary tourism company, where they planned and executed food-focused itineraries in Nashik, Mumbai, and Alibaug.

“The idea was to explore local cuisine and build an experience around it, which we can share with other people too.”

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Local Food and Stories

On the side, they started a range of local food products, which started doing well too. Now they are working on expanding their range of products by exploring regional specialties and bringing them forth, along with their stories. It’s turning out to be super-exciting!

According to him, this is a lifestyle more than as a bucket list. He keeps learning about newer cuisines and stories every day and he doesn’t feel like it’s ever going to end. However, living the lifestyle in itself is not easy. While it seems like a glamorous thing to do, it’s an entirely different matter when you try to make a living out of it. But he loves what he is doing and looks forward to every day at work! This is not something everyone can say.

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His message is to collaborate. The world is so vast that a single person cannot accomplish this bucket list. It has to be a collective effort, and a lot of sharing to understand even a fraction of all of the cuisines that exist out there.

“Insist on local food. There are a lot of foreign cuisines in every region, which actually are weird and tasteless fusions and also fast food, which are threatening local cuisines. Recipes are getting lost over generations and there needs to be a collective effort to preserve them. After having tasted a lot of different food, I can safely say that regional Indian cuisines are definitely worth saving and propagating. All that is lacking is initiative!”

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