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Start your own Rooftop garden – How to Begin?

Start your own Rooftop garden – How to Begin?

With the city life reaching it’s peak, rooftop gardening comes to rescue the tree huggers stuck in the urban commencement. The fun fact about rooftop garden is that the aroma of amazon it gives even inside a concrete building. Aspiring gardeners spend hours working on the plants and vegetables to make it fully cultivated and healthy .

So, if you are a green panther dying to set up your own rooftop garden , you are just a few steps away from achieving it.

Here are a few pointers to begin your rooftop garden.

1. Every successful gardener start his garden by creating a plan to ensure the best results.

Primarily, before going to the nursery a little research is a must, you can start by deciding the type of plantation you want, either a full raised bed if you have a little experience in the field or container gardening in case you are just starting out  .

2. Once you have finalized the type of plantation you want, the next step is consulting your building engineer in order to ensure that the roof can support the weight of the garden and does not have a leakage problem to avoid any risks of damaging the building.

3.  In case of planning to set up raised beds make sure that they are 10- inches deep so the plants are able to grow it’s roots persistently or else if you want to stick to the easy method of container gardening , drain two holes on the both sides of the bottom for  the additional water to go down.

4. You must also find a preferable water source as plants in summers tend to lose water quickly. Automatic water systems are great to avoid the hectic work of watering plants 4-5 times a day. Adding Cocopeat in the soil can also be helpful as it makes the soil retain a good amount of water in the soil giving it enough moisture.

5. Finally, it is necessary to keep all the tools and supplies handy in a storage space which can be as small as a wooden box to make your work easy and organized.

In conclusion it is most importantly the love and nourishment you give to your plants that will make them happy and healthy!

Happy gardening!

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