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To setup a bakery – A bucket list lived by Sandhya Parthasarathy

To setup a bakery – A bucket list lived by Sandhya Parthasarathy

Sandhya had always enjoyed baking as a hobby. As time passed, she realized that although she had financial security but her life lacked something. But at the end of the day back home, she found solace in baking. Seeing faces lit with joy after having a muffin or a cake that she had just prepared gave her the joy that an IT job couldn’t. Appreciation means much more for a self-taught baker than just a cheque. That is when it hit her. She decided to quit on her high-paying IT career to pursue her bucket list full time and setup her own bakery. It’s a brand that she is really proud of.

Quitting a secure job and following a dream is like taking a leap of faith. Once you have done that it strengthens your belief in the universe that if there is something you are set out to achieve, the universe conspires in making that yours (absolute cliche’! But it is true! 🙂 ). Baking has helped me connect with people and their emotions. I somehow feel a part of their special occasion by baking their favorite cake !

baking cakes Sandhya woovly Bangalore

Sandhya, honed her skills as a baker, decorator, a delivery person and a social media marketer. Owing to her passion for the art, it became more fun and exciting for her. She started her own bakery in Bengaluru in the year 2013. Her passion for baking is clearly manifested in the name, “Cake My Heart.”

Her bakery in customized cakes where one can order birthday cakes or for any other occasion. She believes that an egg-less cakes is just as tasty and caters to orders from clients through her Facebook page.

Sandhya is a believer of home baking instead of the regular because of the tested and tried recipes, the quality of ingredients and innovative techniques involved. Although a bit expensive than the regulars, Sandhya never compromises on quality because of the costs involved. Our bucket lister believes that the best of ingredients automatically translates to the best of results.

Harmonium cake baking Sandhya woovly

She accepts that the bakery was kind of a risk, but a kind that she was willing to take. Sandhya had no idea about the future, but she was absolutely sure of how her bucket list could make her happy. Now, she runs a studio where she not only manages orders but teaches sugar arts as well.    

What motivates her is a small box filled with notes from her satisfied clients. This keeps her striving to do better. After living her bucket list, she describes her experience as, “Liberating.”

hat cake Sandhya baking woovly

For people with a similar bucket list Sandhya advises, “Follow your heart and all that it has to say! It’s the most easiest thing to do !”

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