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Being a Stand up Comic : a bucket list lived by Praveen Kumar

Being a Stand up Comic : a bucket list lived by Praveen Kumar

“F’s and B’s for me is just Food & Beverage. When it comes to Comedy, I keep it Clean !”


During his graduation days, Praveen joined the Comedy Mime Club and performed about 20 mimes in his college. He used to write blogs and once read an article about a standup comic. That was his moment of truth. He identified his bucket list. Praveen wanted to become a standup comic.

Praveen performed a number of times at his office and they were a hit. He performed his first open-mic in July 2009. However, after the performance, the organizers discouraged his accent.


But little did Praveen know that what was once pointed out as a weakness would one-day become his biggest strength. In September 2009, Praveen competed at the Axe Weirdass Pajama Fest in Mumbai and won. Consequently, in Nov 2009, Praveen had his first corporate gig. Till date, he has performed over 400 corporate shows. 

Praveen believes in the seriousness of comedy. There is a lot of hard work that goes behind creating a joke. It took him 4 years to write a script for his first solo performance.


Jokes require a lot of testing before live audiences and failures are often booed at. It is an inevitable risk, disciplined stand up comics like Praveen are willing to undertake. Writing new jokes and honing existing ones is what Praveen believes to be the qualities of a good comic.

‘You cannot expect awesomeness to meet you at your comfort zone,’ he says.

Earlier, Praveen was struggling with four job roles – a father, a son, a husband, a marketing professional, a part-time comic. So, in the year 2014 he made the obvious choice, he quit his job as a marketing guy and became a stand up comic, a bucket-list he had been looking forward to, for a very long time. He hasn’t looked back since.

I believe in, “Doing one thing and being the best at that.”

His jokes are based on personal experiences, which makes his gigs the more enjoyable. His simplicity keeps things working wonders for him. People having a good time laughing at his jokes which is what keeps Praveen motivated. The best part about being a stand up comic is the satisfaction of watching people laugh and be happy.


For budding stand up comics he advises, “Keep at it ! Don’t lose hope, I didn’t and that has got me here.”