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Solo Backpacking Around the World – A Bucket List Experienced by Leena Bansal

Solo Backpacking Around the World – A Bucket List Experienced by Leena Bansal

Solo backpacking around the world fearlessly for a bucket list. This is something not many of us would be able to do. And this is what is so much inspiring about this young lady.

It was at the age of 9 that she had wanted to travel to Antarctica and even to the moon and space. That is probably where the passion for travel seems to have taken over Leena. She has traveled to 32 countries across three continents and continues to look for more places to visit in her lifetime.

Her solo travel bucket list began in Europe through Paris in April 2014. It circled through Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Italy and the list goes on to end at the Vatican City, alphabetically.

She had travelled so extensively that her passport had run out of pages. She came back to India for a refresh. Before the trip, she had already traveled to America, Canada, Mexico, Singapore, Malaysia and Bhutan.

Her bucketlist then led her to travel to the Asian countries of Indonsia, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Nepal.

In short, she has travelled to places we only dream of visiting, and all at once. Such a trip involved planning the targeted amount to be saved, how to save and earn more. She decided to quit her job and her luxuries to save more, drawing out a list of countries to visit and got a couple of visas beforehand.

Her self-funded solo travel involved a lot of fun activities you and I can definitely have on our bucket lists. From deep sea diving in the Atlantic Ocean to climbing the Mayan Pyramids. From paragliding up in the air to camping on the roadside with gypsies. She even met her doppelganger in Berlin, and that is something we must have on our bucket list, what say ?

“Twenty years from now you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines, Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails,” she says. She is a free spirit and a wander luster.

She was on a tight budget and had to prepare her own meals. Not two, almost fatal snake-bites or natural calamities like the cyclone at the Gili Islands or the Nepal earthquake could stop this bucket lister on a mission.

“I left my home with a one-way ticket to Paris, one-day accommodation in the city, 1-way ticket to the USA, 3 visa stamps – Schengen, USA and Canada, a backpack and a camera. And what I came back with – is what Money can’t buy,” the bucket lister describes her experience.


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