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To Sing in male and female voice : A bucket list lived by Sairam Iyer

To Sing in male and female voice : A bucket list lived by Sairam Iyer

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Sairam got his inspiration to sing and perform, from his father, K.V.S. Mani. He was an accomplished singer, actor, and dancer himself. Sairam has always been involved in a lot of activities like Bharatanatyam, running hurdles, dramatics. He is also a gold medalist academician.

Behind his ability to sing, a lot of efforts were put in by him in honing his skills as a singer and that too in the opposite gender. He is a diploma holder in Hindustani classical from the Sangeet Mahabharati Institution in Mumbai and holds a diploma in light vocal music from the University of Mumbai under Achyut Thakur and Kamlakar Bhagwat. He was trained by Late Pandit Ramesh Nadkarni and Shri Dhruva Ghosh.

Sairam discovered his rare gift at a very early age. It was at the age of seven, that the world came face to face with this child prodigy who could sing in the opposite gender. It was at an Independence Day function at his school that he performed a song by Lata Mangeshkar. The chief guest for the show was late and midway upon hearing his voice rushed to meet him. His audience greatly acknowledged him. He kept performing in various musical programs and competitions, winning a number of prizes. It made it’s way into his bucket list to keep polishing his rare talent and exploring his capabilities.

Sairam accepts that there was a point in life where he had to take a balanced decision of whether to sing or choose dancing as a profession.

“Academics is for you to prove a point to the world. Extra-curriculars are for you to shape your character.”

While pursuing his diploma, he discovered the falsetto and started training his voice to perform in dual tones.

“The awe factor of switching between tones is lost after the first few minutes. What’s challenging is to continue to keep your audience hooked to the song,” says the bucket lister.

The journey undertaken by Sairam in justifying his bucket list wasn’t as soothing as his voice. When he started growing up, Sairam’s voice started maturing into a thicker tone. He was neither able to do justice to male songs or the female songs. Soon, criticism followed but this bucket lister was no quitter. He took up the criticism as a reason to push his limits. He got into practicing regularly for hours and regained his prodigal charm. Eventually, fate brought him back to the same place where he had sung his first duet.

Sairam has performed in not only Indian but also in a number of international shows and concerts over 2000 shows in the United Kingdom, the United States, South America, Canada, West Asia, West Indies, and the countries in the far east. Sairam’s duality in voice has left a magical imprint on even the biggest international sensations like Carlos Santana and Madonna. He indulges in a lot of social welfare institutions and helps them through his performances on his belief of giving back to society.

Sairam Iyer Sing Opposite Gender Profession Singer Woovly

Sairam launched his own composition in an album titled, ‘Aisa Bhi Kabhi Hota Hain,’ and has even lent his voice to numerous Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada and Hindi films however he feels skeptical on the acceptability of his talent.

“Talent has to be accepted without mental hang-ups. If people start thinking why should we have a male voice to construct a female timbre, then it gets difficult to explain.”

Various profound music directors have appreciated Sairam over the years. Late Shri Anil Biswas, a veteran in the Indian music industry has even went on to refer Iyer as the ‘Eight Wonder of the World.’

For his next bucket list he undertook a trip around Kailash with a slipped disc and did it in 3 days. He also wants to para-glide, snorkel, bunjee jump. There is nothing stopping Sairam, a man with a killer fighting spirit.

For aspiring bucket listers he advises, “Push yourself against the odds. Nobody is getting any younger. If you want to do something now, do it. If it’s about the finances, start saving. Keep aside an amount for it.”

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