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5 best locations for street photography in India

5 best locations for street photography in India

Street photography has its own wonders to hold and here are 5 streets of India that will give you the chance to seize those moments.

1. Mumbai, India

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Photography—and street photography, in particular—one must really delve into a photographer’s body of work to experience his or her art. Mumbai’s variety of inhabitants from around the country and the Maharashtrian background makes it more vivid and colorful to shoot. So head to Amchi Mumbai and discover it though you lens.

2. Kolkata, West Bengal

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Kolkata is very thickly populated. So there should not be any problem for finding your subjects.New Market,Burra Bazar, Babu Ghat, Fish Markets (gariahat, maniktala), Teriti Bazar are some of the treasurable place for your shoots which will offer you a variety of subjects to focus on.

3. Old Delhi, Delhi

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A great way to see and take photos is with locals. People who know of all the back streets and best view points. You can taste some yumilicous street food offerings along the way too. This part of  India will be the key in opening your eyes to a different way of living, giving me a vivid appreciation for life. Don’t forget for those easy-to-miss shots like street side barbers, haircutters, ear cleaners and other hidden gems.

4. Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

street photography locations varanasi cover featured India photography travel bucketlist woovly12

Varanasi Also known as Banaras or Kashi, A city, as old as history itself considered as one of the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. The dimly lit Ghats and Artis on them, the serene flow of the river Ganga & peaceful boat ride on them , the calls of ‘har-har Mahadev‘ in the city lanes & mouthwatering street food on them , from burning Ghats to Medieval temples, Museums to Universities , Hinduism to Buddhism, The Hippes to Aghori Saddhus everything makes Varanasi, the most vibrant and timeless city of India for your moments to capture.

5. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

street photography locations hyderabad andhra pradesh cover featured India photography travel bucketlist woovly12

Hyderabad is unique for Photographers. You don’t just get to learn about the locations where you can shoot. Fortunately, you also get to meet people with varied experiences. The famous Charminar is the main attraction of this place and early morning shoot are the best for this. If you can stay till 6 or 7 you can get a perfect picture of how the Old City Wakes up.

Candid photographs of people with an element of wit, fleeting juxtapositions, or a visual joke; often surrealistic. The confluence of geometry, subject, and meaning that wasn’t there a moment before, and won’t be there a moment after, that is the “decisive moment”.

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