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To Become A Rock Climber – Bucket List Lived by Yogesh Umbre

To Become A Rock Climber – Bucket List Lived by Yogesh Umbre

Yogesh was always attracted to adventure and extreme sports. He used to do activities like flying fox, rappelling and trekking before becoming a rock climber. As a person who loves travel and nature, he was into trekking at first. He used to go on trekking whenever he got time and opportunity.

While on one such trekking, he happened to see a group performing rappelling and flying fox activities. Obviously, the element of risk contained in it attracted him and Yogesh decided to practice them. He became a freelance adventurer and started performing flying fox and rappelling after becoming an expert.

practice yogesh umbre woovly bucket list rock climber

All this while, he wanted to do something different in a conventional and traditional way. He used to climb pinnacles, as rock climbing was one of his bucket lists. But never had a strong support system and was waiting for the right time to start to practice it. In 2009, he happened to meet Rohit Vartak and came to know about a rescue team called Shivdurga situated at Lonavala.

As he came to know about the functioning of the team, he joined them and started practicing rock climbing, as it was part of the training. The training was hard and it started with wall climbing. He had to undergo hardcore practice for one year under Rohit Vartak, Ganesh Geedh, and Indranil Khurangale before going for major climbing and rescue operations.

woovly bucket list yogesh umbre practice

The Impact of Rock  Climbing

Yogesh feels that the hard practice helped him in developing strength and will power to become a rock climber. Apart from the numerous small climbing, he became part of more than 40 major climbing and became part of countless rescue activities till now. According to him, Kokankada climbing is the major and most difficult one till date.

Every climb presented different experiences to him. Each of them taught him something new – about different techniques, equipment, and styles. It made him mentally and physically strong. He learned how to remain patient in different hard situations.

yogesh umbre rock climber woovly bucket list kokankada

The bucket list of Yogesh contains climbing only. He wants to climb as many pinnacles as possible.

“It is difficult but not impossible. Anyone with will and determination can do it with a little courage and a lot of practice.”


  1. Yogesh umbre says:

    Thankuuuu so much

  2. Superb Rockstar. Keep chasing your dreams. Keep Rocking 🤗


    Great Yogesh, keep climbing

  4. Rohit Vartak says:

    Born to climb. Keep climbing n follow your dreams.

  5. MANISH DUBEY says:

    Keep Going… Its nothing we can’t achieve, Dream high keep motivating others follow your dreams…

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