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Road Trip to Leh with friends – Bucket List Lived by Saravanan Sundaram

Road Trip to Leh with friends – Bucket List Lived by Saravanan Sundaram

Road trips are always fun. And, when we go for a road trip with our friends, the fun is unlimited. The experience, fun and the feel acquired from such trips are priceless and unique. All such trips will fill our lives with happiness and a feel of fulfillment. Most of us will have at least one item on our bucket list which is similar to that.

Saravanan Sundaram also had one such bucket list item. He always wanted to go to Leh with his friends. He used to discuss the subject with them. Since he was a busy photographer, the plan never worked out. But, none of the dropped plans discouraged him. Instead, his craving for a road trip to Leh with friends only increased each time.

The Plan

Last March, Saravanan was having a meeting with some of his friends. It was a casual meeting, and while talking, his friend Srinivas proposed an idea in front of them – a road trip from Bangalore to Leh. Srinivas got an immediate ‘yes’ from Saravanan, and the others also agreed in no time. Thus the plan was confirmed. It was decided that the four of them will hit the road by the beginning of June.

The decided date of the trip arrived. Two friends were supposed to join them from New Delhi.  So, Saravanan and one of his friend started the trip from Bangalore on a Pajero Sport. They were taking turns while driving, and the journey was progressing smoothly. And finally, they reached Delhi.

The two other friends joined them from there. Since the Srinagar road closed, from Delhi, they went to Manali via Chandigarh. They spent one day at Manali, and from there they went to Leh.

Leh was beautiful. The landscape looked heavenly. Saravanan and his friends roamed around the place, taking the pictures and interacting with the people. According to him, lakes were one major attraction of the place. He visited Tsomoriri Lake and Tsokar Lake. He even got the opportunity to click photos of some rare mammals and birds.

“Since we love driving we enjoyed the trip, especially the off road drives. People were very friendly. But the feel of breathing less oxygen was a unique experience!”

The trip was such a good one that, Saravanan is planning to go once again. His other bucket lists are to conduct trips to few more places in the Himalayas and travel to Brazil and Costa Rica.

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