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To ride a Harley Street 750 – A Bucket List Lived by Deepak Kanakaraju

To ride a Harley Street 750 – A Bucket List Lived by Deepak Kanakaraju

Few prefer Harley Street 750 to swag out the experience. For Deepak, it was not just the bike, it was a combination of the Harley’s Jacket, gloves, knee caps and other accessories. For him, riding Harley was a package of experience.

After biking the Suzuki, Yamaha and other famous counterparts. He now had a chance to literally live his bucket list of ‘riding a Harley Street 750’.

When riding on the roads of the Bangalore city, like many of us Deepak too fell prey for the traffic and yes, this made him take his Harley on the roads in the deserted outskirts.

After he embarked on the trip, it was not the frequent honking or the brakes which intervened; it was just the continuous push of the accelerator in the midst of a cloudy weather in the highways.

For him riding on the highways is the purest form of fun or a biker’s dream bucket list as he calls it. When Deepak is seated on his Harley riding on the outskirts of Bangalore, it is just him and his bike. He has nothing in his mind to distract. For him, it is just like a therapeutic experience or a meditative fun.

After accomplishing such bucket lists, Deepak is still hungry to explore more. When people criticize few bikes in their blogs, Deepak tries to share his experiences with people in his blogs and it comes as no surprise after the massive following his blog receives.

Deepak Kanakaraju woovly

He is currently working on a professional blog called, BikerBoy. Deepak is eagerly looking forward to renting out more superbikes and share his bucket list stories to the world. Well, a dream lived at its best!

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  1. Oh wow… Harley… every man’s bucket list… Ofcourse it’s on many women’s list as well…

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