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Represent India at international table tennis – Soumyajit Ghosh’s bucket list

Represent India at international table tennis – Soumyajit Ghosh’s bucket list

Soumyajit recollects of the first time he had ever felt a table tennis bat in his hands. It was a trial session in one training academy in his hometown. His parents felt the need of a sport in his life as a fitness regimen. But little did they know that the sport would one day change the life of this young lad, now an international athlete.

It just sort of clicked and Soumyajit held on to the bat for years, decorating his room with district and state championship trophies and awards.

Soumyajit Ghosh represent India international table tennis sports ping pong profile bucketlister woovly

He was the game-changer for India at the World Junior Championships and the Asian Junior Championships in 2011. Furthermore, Soumyajit was the youngest national champion ever in the 74th National Table Tennis Championship and also the youngest Indian table tennis player to qualify for the London Olympics 2012. However, his bucket list right from when he started to love the game, had been something of a life-long dream. He wanted to put India on the map of international table tennis.

“Life without problems is impossible. But what’s possible is overcoming those problems.” – Soumyajit

Consequently, the President of India inferred upon him the prestigious Arjuna Award for his contribution to Indian Table Tennis.

Soumyajit Ghosh Representing India international table tennis President India Arjuna Awarc bucketlister woovly

Although the journey has not been an easy one for young Soumyajit. He always had and even today deals with the constant issue of gaining unnecessary weight and overcome the mental pressure associated with it. However, his family who had been supportive right from the beginning became the very pillars he could rest against.

On the 30th of April 2017, Soumyajit Ghosh claimed his first pro title at an Open Singles event – the International Table Tennis Federation Challenge Seamaster Chile.

Soumyajit Ghosh Seamaster Chile ITTF challenge 2017 table tennis bucketlister woovly

It doesn’t matter what sport it is. Maybe the roads are different. Maybe the destinations are different too. But thinking about your goals gives you the ability to solve the issues.”

Soumyajit describes his experience after playing at the international table as something of an ‘unstoppable’ feeling. He accepts that he has always made it a point  to spend time on thinking about his goals and objectives. And this activity has helped him observe and improve.

Soumyajit Ghosh Representing Indian international table tennis sports bucketlister woovly

“I fell that if you try everyday. If you work hard every single day. Your goals will easily walk up to you.”

For now he is looking forward to his next bucket list where he wishes to bag gold medals for the country at the 2024 Olympics.

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