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To own a Home Recording Studio – Bucket List Lived by Pushpendu Bhattacharjee

To own a Home Recording Studio – Bucket List Lived by Pushpendu Bhattacharjee

Pushpendu was born and brought up in a family with a musical background – his father was a singer. He grew up listening to his songs. His life was always filled with music. And there is no wonder that he ended up with doing something related to music rather than what he studied – Pushpendu is running a Home Recording Studio for four years now.

He always wanted to do something in the musical world. Pushpendu used to accompany his father to the concerts whenever possible. Gradually he gained knowledge about the instruments and techniques used for music composing and thus, to start his own recording studio became his bucket list.

equipment recording studio woovly bucket list pushpendu bhattacharjee

Sky Recording Studios

He started the preparations for the studio while doing his graduation itself. Internet and YouTube helped him in learning more advanced technologies to be used in the studio. By the time he finished his college, his Sky Recording Studios started working in full swing. But still, there were people who disbelieved in him.

For them, Pushpendu uploaded a video, featuring the detailed working of his studio on Facebook. The video was well-received and people started to accept and believe in him. Slowly, he started getting more works, and the studio started flourishing. All these while, his focus was only on the output of the works. He worked really hard to get the result the way he wanted.

recording work pushpendu bhattacharjee recording studio pushpendu bhattacharjee woovly bucket list

“I am proud and happy. I followed my heart and worked really hard for it. Now I am enjoying the result of that.”

He is happy now even though it took almost two years for Pushpendu to set up the studio. He feels that although two years were spent, the hard works helped him to accomplish his bucket list. The satisfaction gained from helping others to achieve their dreams with the help of his recording studio is the major boost for Pushpendu.

His next bucket list is to compose some experimental music. He wanted to create a new genre in music by clubbing different town genres.

works recording studio pushpendu bhattacharjee woovly bucket list

“People are born with different talents. Whatever you do in life, don’t waste or forget that talent. If you follow your heart and work hard for your passion, there is nothing you can’t achieve.”

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