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Quirkiest and Strange Bucket List Items People do

Quirkiest and Strange Bucket List Items People do

We all have things we are passionate about and we all have bucket lists but some of us are quirky and strange and so are our bucket list items. Being strange need not be a negative thing for people who are quirky are original. We march to our drums and we have our own philosophies. So as a tribute to the likes of us who aren’t afraid to be themselves, here is a list of a few bucket list ideas that are strange, quirky and out of this world!

  • Stay in an Ice Hotel
quirky-buckets list
Image Credit: Shaherald Chia

Ice hotels are basically temporary hotel buildings built of pure ice and snow. They are maintained at less than zero temperatures. Now how many of us are crazy enough to spend a night in temperatures that go below than the zero scale?

  • Standing on the North Pole
quirky bucket list
Image Credit: Danilo Forcellini

North Pole can be either reached by air where the last part of the journey is done on solid ice or you can travel by the boat through the Arctic Ocean. Now how many of us will take part in expedition to travel to the north pole?

  • Diving with Sharks
quiurky bucket list
Image Source: Andrea Izzotti

Now there are a lot of places like the gold coast, the Maldives etc. where you can get the opportunity to go diving with the sharks but what the twist here is if you are actually brave enough to attempt something like this.

  • Have Lunch at the Bottom of the Grand Canyon
quirky bucket list
Image Credit: Adam Foster

Glide over Las Vegas in a helicopter and then land on a private landing site to chow down on your favorite lunch. Think of life as grand and write about your experience. Now this one is definitely a bit on the stranger side.

  • Invent something
quirky bucket list
Image Credit: Zev hoover

This activity may include some brainstorming and not a lot of people have it as a bucket list for the sheer simple fact that they have not thought of it before. But do invent something, however small and strange!

If you don’t have a bucket list already then it is high time that you make one. Add your bucket list here and tell us about it.

If you have already done something quirky and strange then tell us, we will feature you!

Afterall, it’s about adding life to life!

Cover Image Credit: Trekking Rinjani

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