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Traveling to Photograph Primates in Asia – Jayaprakash’s Bucket List

Traveling to Photograph Primates in Asia – Jayaprakash’s Bucket List

Till four years ago, Nature photography was a hobby for Jayaprakash Bojan. But then hobby became the passion, as he took it more seriously and, started traveling across Asia and Africa. Around 2 years ago, he moved to Singapore. The life and passion were moving smoothly. On one fine morning, he went to visit the Singapore Zoo. As he was moving forward, he was mesmerized by some of the primates in the zoo. From that day onwards, to travel across Asia to see these beautiful primates and photograph them in the wild had become the bucket list of Jayapraksh.

“The biggest challenge was to get the right contacts to help. Because these are not your usual wildlife destinations. I spent a lot of time researching these places and reached out to people who had worked on primate conservation in these areas.”

jayaprakash bojan primates woovly bucket list image black

After studies and research about the primates, he decided to cover Southeast Asian countries first. So far, he has traveled extensively in Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo & Vietnam over the last 6 months. He has been very lucky to see some of the rarest of the rarest primates in the wild.

Jayaprakash still has many places to visit. He is planning to visit Vietnam – China border this year followed by Japan in February, to see the primates in wild. And, by next year he is going to Uganda to see the Gorillas in the wild.

jayaprakash bojan primates woovly bucket list image trees

Below given are the places Jayaprakash visited till date to see primates in the wild:

Year Country Visited Primates
Dec-16 Indonesia Crested Macaque
Feb-17 Malaysia Dusky leaf monkey and Pig tailed Macaques
Jul-17 Vietnam Red Shanked Douc Langur, Black shanked Douc Langur, Golden cheeked gibbons, Delacour’s Langur
Aug-17 Borneo Orangutans, Silver langur & Proboscis monkey

“Whenever I see these creatures, I get a sense of great happiness and peace. It comes from the knowledge that these absolutely stunning creatures still exist in the wild. And hopefully, they survive for the next generations to see and enjoy.”jayaprakash bojan primates woovly bucket list image woods

Jayaprakash plans to publish a photo-book on his journey with respect to primates across Asia. He still has many places to visit that include some places in India before he publishes anything. He also plans to visit the remaining Asian and African countries where he can see the primates in the wild.

jayaprakash bojan primates woovly bucket list image chimpanzee

Words from the Bucketlister

“Don’t be scared of traveling alone. You can do a lot more when you travel alone. These are little-known wildlife destination, which has so much more to offer for the wildlife enthusiast. Move out of the comfort zone of your safari jeeps and explore other wonderful creatures in India and outside. While tigers and leopards are considered to be rare and highly endangered species, it is also the most common species to see and photograph in our country. Don’t get me wrong, I love cats too. This is just my view, but at the end of the day people need to do what they enjoy the most!”

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All creatures are beautiful and special. They make us smile. If you ever had any such beautiful bucket list, share it with us, and get geatured on our blog.  Along with that, add your other bucket lists also!


  1. Sathish Raju says:

    Super Da

  2. Lovely JP Bro!! Keep rocking

  3. Awesome JP. Go for all of it. You are good at it bro. God bless you. My prayers as you travel to all these places. One day hoping to see you at the Animal Planet or National Geography. You will be there soon with your episodes.

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