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Photography trip around Kenya – Bucket List Lived by M Gaythri Devi

Photography trip around Kenya – Bucket List Lived by M Gaythri Devi

Gaythri Devi’s passion is photography, and she always combines it with her love for woods and forests. For any wildlife photographer, a trip to Kenya or more specifically Masai Mara is like a dream. Gaythri Devi too was no different. As a photographer, one of the biggest Bucket lists of Gaythri Devi was to take a trip to Kenya and roam around the country on road, photographing the lovely wildlife.

elephant m gaythri devi photography wildlife woovly bucket list kenya

The Plan

The plan of Kenya trip was always in Gaythri’s mind. She tried to organize the trip couple of times, but due to some reason or the other, it didn’t happen. Later, when she was on a casual discussion with a few friends on a Birding trip that she brought up this thought and before they could even realize, they were planning a trip for 15 days.

After the plan was made, they started searching for a suitable tour operator. They met with some tour operators, but none were good enough. After a long search, they were able to find the right tour operator there. With the help of the tour planner, a clear plan was made and they were able to chalk out a clear itinerary covering all major wildlife destinations traveling on road.

“It was a dream come true as we set foot on that lovely country. And it was so different from what we had heard. We covered Masai Mara, Samburu, Naivasha, Amboseli & Tsao photographing the big five as well as documenting around 250 bird species.”

The Experiences and Memories

The Big Five Game, national reserves, unforgettable safaris, beautiful beaches and the Maasai warriors – these are the main things Gaythri still cherish about her time in Kenya. The beautiful East African republic is one of the continents most visited countries and is especially popular for its beautiful holiday resorts and incredible safaris.

Her photography experience was heavenly, especially in Masai Mara. All the frames looked magical and lovely.

leopard m gaythri devi photography wildlife woovly bucket list kenya

It was really an awesome experience. The feeling when you accomplish your bucket list and what it leaves is a beautiful feel to do more. And yes, Gaythri and her friends are planning Kenya once again next year and hope to cover lots and lots more.

Gaythri feels that if anyone has any such bucket lists to travel, the best thing they can do is just to do it, without overthinking and wasting time.

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