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Photograph Jaguars in Brazil- A bucket list lived by Praveen Siddannavar

Photograph Jaguars in Brazil- A bucket list lived by Praveen Siddannavar

“I believe we all do a bit of photography in our own way, but one gets into serious photography when he or she invests both in time and money.”

Praveen went out on the most dangerously interesting trip to Brazil. A bucket list trip where he hoped to photograph jaguars – one of the most ferocious felines in the wild and in action. Praveen’s stint at wildlife photography began with his fascination with wild cats especially the tiger. His frequent visits to the forests to observe these majestic animals led him to invest in his camera. In 2009 his journey as a wildlife photographer began.

“Wildlife photography is always interesting as well as dangerous at times. Most of the animals can be unpredictable in some cases; I have shot tigers, leopards, lions and cheetah as close as 10-15 ft. But the most interesting and dangerous assignment was at Brazil.”

Praveen visited the UNESCO World Heritage site, The Pantanal in Brazil to spot & photograph Jaguars. Pantanal is the largest wetlands in the world. Praveen accepts that the jaguars are the most powerful cats that he has ever come across.

Praveen Siddannavar Pantanal Jaguar photograph woovly

Praveen’s tent was close to the Cuiaba River and in the middle of a Jaguar territory. He recalls the dilemma of the sleepless nights with the mosquitoes and bugs in his tent and the jaguars outside. Not a situation anyone would choose to be in but this did not in anyway deter Praveen.

“The safaris unlike in India are on a small boat that starts at 6:00 am in the morning and ends at 6:30 pm. With temperatures soaring over 42 degree Celsius, I had to bear this heat for almost 10 hours and in addition take on the mosquitoes and bee sting.”

Praveen Siddannavar photograph Jaguar boat tent woovly

Praveen spotted quite a few Jaguars and other animals, however on the last hour of his trip he spotted an Anaconda basking on the bank of the river being attacked by a caiman. They went so close to the Anaconda that at one point Praveen could see their reflection in it’s eyes.

Praveen Siddannavar Pantanal Caiman Anaconda Brazil Photograph Jaguar woovly

Praveen was so keen to get a low angle shot at water level and decided to go even closer. He was filming and taking still shots at just less than 15 ft. distance. After a point of time, the Anaconda started hissing as a sign of discomfort. Another reason was that the caiman too was trying to launch an attack.

“I have witnessed plenty of such incidents. This is by far one of the best moments that I ever had in the wild.”

Now most of us may tend to confuse between a leopard and a jaguar. To the ordinary eyes they seem the same. But Praveen’s expertise over the years as a wildlife photographer has allowed him to distinctly differentiate between the two. He can easily point out differences from their skin and fur pigmentation to their weights and predatory styles.

As you read this, our bucket lister is out there again and after five long years. He is out there, in The Pantanal once again with like-minded friends in Brazil, a country amongst his top 5 favorites with nothing but his camera and an eye for capturing more and more of the existent wildlife there.


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