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A Passion for Wildlife Photography – A Bucket list lived by Prakash Ramakrishnan

A Passion for Wildlife Photography – A Bucket list lived by Prakash Ramakrishnan

Life outside the concrete world, in the wild, was something that has always fascinated Prakash. He developed his skills for wildlife photography which had once started as an interest, a passion. 

He recollects his very first photograph. It was of an elephant herd in the foothills of Sethumadai. That was the starting point for this photography bucket lister. From there, he has traveled the length and breadth of the country to photograph tigers, elephants, birds and a variety of other animals. From the Corbett to the Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Tadoba, Kabini or the Himalayas, Ramakrishnan has been able to bring out the beauty of all the places that he visited.

elephant herd Prakash Ramanathan woovly wildlife photography

Prakash had been following leopards religiously from 2006. His capture is the rarest photograph of all. He was able to capture a black female panther and a male leopard together. Prakash remembers of the time in August. He was trekking in the Nilgiris with a friend. They noticed something black on a rock. They rushed to see it and eventually had climbed around 500 feet. By then it had disappeared. So they waited and in a few minutes, a common leopard jumped on a rock 100m from where they were. A few minutes later, the black one also joined the first. He took a few shots and decided to leave them alone. The photo won the third prize in the Royal Bank of Scotland-Sanctuary Asia Wildlife Photography Awards.

He is nostalgic about another such incident when he came across a Nilgiri Marten. In 2011 while trekking across the Mukkurthi peak, they came across a stream and heard the ‘shout’ of a mongoose. He realized that it was a Nilgiri Marten but before he could capture it, it ran away. After a while, he caught sight of a pair on a rock but they went away too. Luckily for him, he found one on a dead tree and was able to capture it before it disappeared again.

tiger wildlife photography blog image

Prakash is unimpressed with the way mankind is treating the wild. He narrates his experience as to how things have changed over time. More and more people have started visiting, tourists and so much of noise. He is a staunch believer in the concept of privacy of the wildlife and that they deserve to be left alone.

herd owl woovly Prakash Ramanathan wildlife photography

On 22nd of July, 2017 Prakash shall be awarded at the Photo Trade Fair in Coimbatore for his contributions in the field of Wildlife Photography.

For his next bucket list, this award winning bucket lister wants to click more of tigers with their cubs, a beautiful sight to experience indeed.

For aspiring wildlife photographers with their bucket lists he suggests, “Remember when you’re in the wild. You’re in their home so behave accordingly. Don’t just capture photographs just for your Facebook and other social media pages. Always believe in ethical photography. Let the animals in the wild have their privacy.”

mukkurthi peak Nilgiri marten woovly

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