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Why Parasailing in Kerala is a Must Try Sport?

Why Parasailing in Kerala is a Must Try Sport?

Imagine gliding among the clouds, soaring like an eagle, wind tingling every limb enjoying a bird’s eye view. Such is the experience of parasailing. While there are different destinations across the country that provide parasailing services, none compares to Kerala.  Parasailing basically involves being tied to a harness suspended on a motor boat. The parachute helps you to fly while the motor vehicle lends speed to the parasailer.

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Different Types of Parasailing

Before planning to parasail, it is important to know about all the types of parasailing that are there so that there is no last-minute confusion. There are three types of parasailing, namely Winch boat, beach, and platform. In winch boat parasailing, the take-off and landing are done through a motor vehicle. This vehicle is used to tug at the parachute so as to provide acceleration while in beach parasailing, the beach is used as an anchor for the landing and take-off. In addition, platform parasailing basically requires the parasailer to take off from a platform that is specially meant for the purpose and is attached to a boat. The risk in parasailing depends on the weather. Often it isn’t allowed in harsh weather conditions or rough ocean situations. When allowed though, it requisites special permission beforehand.

Parasailing in Kerala

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When it comes to adventure sports, Kerala stands high among the rankings. There are a number of beaches that host the sport. They are as follows.

The Kovalam beach boasts of a diverse marine life which is an added bonus. The island is surrounded by three curved shaped beaches which give a splendid view while parasailing.

Then there is Cherai Beach, situated near Kochi, that offers elite services for parasailing. It is mostly known for swimming among the locals but the tourists are spoiled for choices.

Parasailing in Allaphuza beach is a whole another experience in itself. It is well connected to the cities thus making it easier to find. It holds the moniker “Venice of the East” for its beautiful canals, lagoons, and beaches.

Thrill of an adventure sport

Parasailing is listed among adventure sports for the thrill it promises. It gives you the opportunity to fly out into the sky and scream your heart out. All the stress and tension of your routine vanishes when you are up in the sky. The only thing that remains is the gush of wind through your hair, the sound of the water below and the view of the world in front of you spanning wider than your expectations.  Trust us when we say, parasailing is one hell of an experience and you’re missing out on much if you are depriving yourself of one such ride.

Among the number of things that you can do, parasailing is a must and what better place than God’s own country Kerala. The view is breathtaking and the service is first class. What you get to take away from the adventure are just happy memories that have been etched in your mind forever. So, think no further and put it high up on your bucket list.

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