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To Conduct an Exhibition of Her Paintings – A Bucket List of Ashwaathy Raju

To Conduct an Exhibition of Her Paintings – A Bucket List of Ashwaathy Raju

“You have your brush, you have your colors. You paint paradise, then in you go!” – Nicos Kazantzakis

Ashwaathy had her brush and colors; she created her own paradise and lived there. The young art lover always wanted to paint. It was her hobby and passion. Even in the midst of her studies, she found time to follow her heart. She used to paint from her childhood itself and as she grew up, she started trying all kinds of paintings – abstract painting, shadow figures, oil painting, pen drawings, charcoal works etc.

While pursuing her Masters which was in the UK, she used to attend a lot of art exhibitions. She would wander through each venue and get lost in the magical world. As she explored through them, which was unique and brilliant in one way or the other, an idea started shaping up in her mind. She wanted to organize an exhibition of her paintings. That became her bucket list.

aswaathy Raju painting canvas woovly


Obviously, the initial phase was of uncertainty and confusion. She was not sure about the whole plan. Slowly she gained the confidence and decided to exhibit something different for the crowd in the UK. To make it a unique and different experience for the western crowd, Ashwaathy chose Kerala Mural Painting as the subject of her exhibition.

Mural paintings are mainly found in temples and palaces in the southern states in India. The subject of these mural paintings could be religion, dance forms or nature itself. Ashwaathy decided to create 10 painting for the exhibition and fixed upon acrylic painting on canvas.


The exhibition was from January 2nd to 16th of 2015 at Sanctuary Art Space Gallery in Newcastle. The crowd like the vibrant colors used and were really interested to know more about the paintings. She explained how the walls of temples were painted with only natural colors and all about the intricate detailing. It was well received by the audience, and six paintings were sold out.

Ashwaathy says that the exhibition at Newcastle was just a start since it was a small one. The real ones are yet to be done, as she is working on something huge and unique. She feels that something she did in a foreign country give herself a little nudge or confidence. She is currently working on her grand exhibition which is set to be conducted in India.

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