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Getting your Novel Published – a Bucket List lived by Akhil P Dharmajan

Getting your Novel Published – a Bucket List lived by Akhil P Dharmajan

“I write because I must. It’s not a choice or a pastime, it’s an unyielding calling and my passion.” -Elizabeth Reyes

Akhil always had wanted to publish a novel. He had a bucket list where majority of the items were related to writing and book publishing. And for a passionate writer like him, there is no surprise in listing writing and publishing a novel, as the most important items on his bucket list.

novel published Akhil P Dharmajan woovly

Akhil became more active on Facebook while he was working in Chennai after completing the degree. He always felt that FB was a good platform for showcasing the creativity of individuals, and used to utilize the maximum of it. He started publishing his articles and short stories on his FB account, and got immense response from the readers.

But, since he was not in a position of publishing one as a book, he came up with an idea of publishing a novel online. For that, Akhil started a Facebook page with the name ‘Kadha’ (meaning ‘Story’) and started publishing it chapter wise. ‘Ouija Board’ was taking birth thus.

Ouija Board, also known as Talking Board or Spirit Board is believed to be used in interaction with the spirits of dead people. The topic always stirs up curiosity among the people, especially among the younger generation. Akhil says that, it was the reason for choosing this particular topic for the novel.

And thus, he started working on his Bucket List. The story is all about a group of young friends trapped in a haunted place, where they use Ouija Board as a medium to understand the history of the house. The novel is set in a horror-thriller tone.

By the end of 2012, he started publishing each chapter in an interval of one week time span. By the time he published 7th-8th chapter, the page started gaining more attention from the readers. And finally, when he finished the novel with 37 chapters in 2014, the page was a hit with more than 1600 followers.

‘Ouija Board’ became a celebrated novel among the social media users. Many readers felt that the novel should be published as a book. They even started funding for the cause. Things geared up, and by 2015 the book was published by Life Book Publishers Calicut. The book was well accepted by the readers.

Akhil strongly feels that his desire and passion, along with the support of his well-wishers helped him in fulfilling two of his bucket lists – writing a novel and publishing a book.

His Facebook page ‘Kadha’ has now become a platform for many others to publish their creative works. Akhil who is pursuing film direction from Chennai Film Institute is currently working on his second novel – ‘Mercury Island’ – which is set to be published in August 2017.

The young writer’s next items in the bucket list are to make a short film, write script and direct movies.


  1. Very insipiring for young aspiring writers.. Keep up the good work!! 🙂

    1. akhil p dharmajan says:

      thanks a lot

      1. Akhil, very inspiring story for all the bucketlister

    2. Arun Kurian Philip says:

      thanks for the lovely words. Keep exploring our blog. 🙂

  2. This is well presented. Kudos to the writer.

    1. Thanks Reshma, appriciate you for your kind words… Keep watching this space, you will find more insipring stories…

    2. Arun Kurian Philip says:

      thanks for the inspiring words.
      keep hitting the page. more interesting stories are on the way.

  3. Akhil p dharmajan says:

    Thanks all

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